Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 438

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“That’s because Nicola Wicks invested several billion dollars.” Shaun’s eyes revealed a dangerous intent. “If I guessed correctly, she did so after Aunty Valerie agreed to disfigure Catherine’s face. She’s falsifying the sales.”

Stunned, Old Madam Hill was unsure what to say.

“Granny, you should be grateful. I wouldn’t have kept her alive if not for you and Grandpa.”

He rose to his feet. “Look at your son and daughters. One of them only cares about supporting her husband’s family, the other one is falsifying sales. Your only son is mediocre and incompetent. Do you think you and Grandpa could enjoy your old age with the wealth you have now if not for me?”

Old Madam Hill seemed to have grown older by a few more years after hearing that.

12:00 p.m.

Catherine reappeared out of the kitchen after making lunch but the tension in the air seemed to have grown.

She placed the dishes in front of Old Madam Hill.

The latter seemed surprised at the dishes laid out in front of her. Every dish not only looked good but tasted more home-cooked than the ones made by the Hill family’s chefs.

She noticed that Shaun, who had never enjoyed food, was devouring every dish—especially the pork belly…

She tried a small piece of the pork. It tasted better than she expected.

The plate was almost emptied when she reached for a second piece.

“Stop eating it all. Granny hasn’t tried it yet.” Catherine moved the bowl of pork toward the old woman.

Shaun frowned. “Why didn’t you prepare more?”

“You had it last night and again this afternoon. It’s not healthy to overeat pork belly.” She placed some vegetables into his bowl. “It’s important to have a balanced diet and not be picky. If you keep that bad habit up, then I won’t cook for you anymore.”

“Fine, I’ll listen to you.”

Under Old Madam Hill’s shocked stare, her grandson began eating vegetables. The man who used to have a few spoonfuls of food a day was actually devouring all the dishes this time. Even the old woman had a good appetite upon seeing him eat. In the end, the lunch that was enough for six people was finished by the three of them.

After lunch, Catherine served two bowls of yogurt to the table.

Aunty Yasmine said with a smile. “This is also handmade by Young Madam. It’s yogurt with honey and fresh strawberry jam that she slow-cooked for two hours. She said eating a bowl of yogurt after a meal is good for digestion and clearing the intestines.

Old Madam Hill had a small sip. The yogurt was deliciously sweet but not too sickly. She felt like having another bowl but was too shy to ask.

However, Shaun was not embarrassed at all to ask for another serving immediately after.

His request was denied by Catherine. “You can’t eat too much yogurt either or you might get bloated.”

“So troublesome.” He frowned but did not comment further.

Old Madam Hill’s jaw almost dropped to the ground.

Sigh, it certainly took constant vigilance to stave off evil.

Although she did not like Catherine all that much, she had to admit that the woman had changed Shaun for the better. Perhaps Shaun’s illness would improve, just like before…

She frowned at the thought of this and rose to her feet. “It’s getting late and I’ve been fed with enough good food. It’s time for me to leave.”

“You can stay for a few more days. Talking walks by the beach is really relaxing,” Catherine said with a faint smile.

Old Madam Hill felt bad at the sight of the woman’s facial disfigurement. “It’s fine. Your grandpa won’t get used to not having me around.”

After pausing for a few seconds, she continued saying, “Thanks for your hospitality today.’

Catherine was surprised to hear that. She was still smiling even after the old woman took her leave.

Shaun embraced her affectionately. “My granny treated you poorly yet you still tried hard to please her with lunch and yogurt. Does she think thanking you once is enough compensation?”

“It’s because she’s your granny.” She turned around to wrap her arms around his neck. “You said all these harsh words to her yet I know you care about your grandparents. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have taken over Hill Corporation. You’re worried that the old couple who have lived wealthy lives this entire time would be ridiculed by the others in their old age if the family crumbles.”

He raised his brows helplessly. No one knew him better than she did.


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