Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 441

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Catherine was extremely frustrated. She could not possibly say that she was unhappy because the nurse’s last name was Langley.

However, she was not okay with pretending to be generous. “I didn’t expect you to listen obediently to that young girl,” she said with a pout.

Shaun raised his brows before bending over to sniff her lips. “Hmm, I thought I smelled jealousy.”

“I’m serious.” She slapped him playfully on the back.

The light pressure felt more like a tickle than a slap.

He grabbed her hand instantly and gave it a tiny peck. “I wouldn’t have been so obedient in the past and might even be repelled by the idea of having a nurse from the mental hospital close by. However, I’d like to get well sooner for you, so I need to work with the treatment plan. I don’t want to do anything that would hurt you again. Do you understand?”

She bit her lips, suddenly feeling bad for being so petty. “I understand that, but why don’t you find someone who’s a little bit older or perhaps a male nurse? I’ll be working in the office and leaving you home alone with a young woman…”

The man smiled before lifting her chin so that their eyes met. “You really are jealous?”

“Shaun Hill!” She glared at him with red cheeks. “Stop it.”

“Any secretary or staff in my company is prettier than her. You wouldn’t have the chance to become Mrs. Hill if I hadn’t been so picky,” he replied with a smile. “I didn’t see you being so jealous when I was with Melanie. Unless you’ve been keeping quiet about that.”


Embarrassment washed over her face as he exposed the truth.

“I can’t be bothered with this. I’m heading downstairs to make dinner.” She threw the towel at him and headed for the stairs.

The second she stepped into the kitchen, Shelley approached her with a diet plan. “Young Madam, this is the diet plan designed specially for Eldest Young Master. Keeping his illness in mind, I recommend his main meals be nutritious and easily digestible. It’s best to avoid eating and drinking at an unreasonable amount.”

“Alright, thank you.” Catherine received the diet plan before she asked, “Have we met before?”

Shelley appeared startled but quickly replaced the surprise with a smile. “Probably not. It’s my first time meeting you anyway, Young Madam. But many people have said that I look familiar.”

“Perhaps.” Catherine nodded.

Catherine reappeared from the kitchen after cooking dinner, where she saw Shaun sitting on the couch while Shelley was bent over from the waist, discussing something with him softly.

“Dinner time,” Catherine reminded him.

Shaun walked over. Then, on second thought, she announced, “Shelley and Aunty Yasmine, why don’t you both join us for dinner tonight?”

This took Shelley by surprise. “It’s not appropriate…”

“It’s fine. I’m not close-minded. Everyone is equal in today’s age, and besides, it’s been a long day for you too,” Catherine said before turning to look at Shaun. He did not seem to mind.

The dinner was indeed livelier with the four of them at the table.

However, Catherine felt uneasy when Shelley kept reminding Shaun to eat less meat but more vegetables and seafood. After all, she was the one who usually said these words. Hence, it felt strange now that someone else had taken over her place.

She really felt like she was becoming more narrow-minded.

After dinner, she and Shaun had a walk by the beach to improve digestion.

Upon returning home, the two of them worked in the study respectively. Since she completed her workload first, she went ahead to have a shower.

When she came out of the bathroom, she noticed Shaun was drinking something from a glass. Shelley was watching him intently on the side.

The warm yellow light cast on them from the ceiling above.

The sight of that hurt her eyes.

“What are you drinking?” She walked over to peek into his glass. The white liquid was probably milk.

Shelley explained softly, “Drinking a glass of milk before bed improves the quality of sleep.”

“Thanks, but this is my responsibility,” Catherine replied with a faint smile.

Shelley was so taken aback that her face suddenly went pale. Flustered, she nodded awkwardly. “Yes, I’ll leave you two now.”


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