Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 442

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Shelley looked at Catherine cautiously before closing the door behind her.

Shaun said with a chuckle, “You scared the young lady.”


Catherine was at a loss for words. “What did I do that scared her? I said those words with a friendly face.”

“Hmm, but also in a very jealous tone.” Shaun nodded with a helpless expression on his face. “It’s just a glass of milk. You don’t have to be jealous over it.”


He made it sound like she was a narrow-minded woman.

Catherine took a deep breath as she felt a surge of frustration washed over her.

Was she overreacting earlier? She did not think so.

“Stop overthinking. Let me dry your hair for you.”

He picked up the hairdryer.

Once her hair was dry, she got under the blanket with blushing cheeks. Since they reconciled, he had been really enthusiastic between the sheets, yet she still felt embarrassed just thinking about it.

However, he simply laid down quietly in bed after turning off the lights tonight. His reserved behavior was unusual.

She turned over awkwardly to snuggle up against him.

“Be good and go to sleep.” He patted her on the back, his voice gentle.

She could not believe her ears. Biting her lips, she wrapped her arms around his neck. “Shaunny…”

Her entire face was red as a lobster. Fortunately, he could not see it because the lights had been turned off.

This surprised him. A glint flashed across his eyes, but he suppressed the passion immediately. “Shelley reminded me that my illness isn’t stable because of the medications. It’s better if we put a pause on this for the time being.” The helplessness was evident in his voice.


She appeared startled. “But before… We were all good. It’s not necessary, is it?”

“Do you really want me that much?” he suddenly said flirtatiously.

“You wish.” She turned around to face her back against him. Come on, she needed to maintain her pride too.

“I can tell that’s not the truth.” He embraced her from behind. “Be good. I can’t do anything that could over-excite me. I’m afraid I might do something out of control that could hurt you. Like last time.”

She bit her lips, annoyed, and finally grumbled “okay” after a long time.

That same night, she could not fall asleep, whereas Shaun quickly fell into a deep sleep. It was convincing her that perhaps Shelley’s theory was right.

After all, he had been suffering from insomnia since the relapse. It had been a while since she saw him sleeping so well.


The following day.

Catherine received a phone call from the hospital. Apparently, the expert neurologist Doctor Angelo from abroad had arrived to treat Joel.

Without wasting any time, she drove to the hospital right away. Old Master and Old Madam Yule were already there when she arrived.

Angelo had just finished the diagnostic on Joel. “I need to treat him by regulating his nerves over a long period of time. There’s still hope that Mr. Yule will come out of the coma, but it might be a long journey. The soonest would probably be half a year to a year’s time.”

She was over the moon by the news. “Thank you so much.”

“Don’t worry. You’re Chester’s friend, so I’ll do my best to help.”

After a brief consideration, she requested, “Doctor Angelo, if someone comes to enquire about his condition, please tell them that Mr. Yule will regain consciousness within a month.”

The doctor hesitated for a couple of seconds before nodding. “Sure.”

After the doctor left, Old Master Yule could not resist asking, “Are you trying to see if the person behind this will be driven to desperate action?”

“Grandpa, who do you think is the most likely culprit?” she asked.

The old man remained silent for a while. The autopsy of the truck driver showed that he hallucinated because of d**g consumption. However, the man was not an addict and had only consumed the d**g by mistake. Evidently, this was a deliberate act.

“I bet it’s Nicola.” Old Madam Yule growled in anger. “She has brought Melanie along to work in the Yule Corporation.”

Catherine nodded in agreement. “If so, she’s going to make sure my dad will never wake up. Because that’s the only way she could inherit everything he leaves behind. Besides, if someone else is behind this, the person would definitely try to take over control of Yule Corporation within this month. I’m sure the villain is going to reveal its nature soon.”

Old Master and Old Madam Yule were astonished to hear that. For the first time, they looked at this impressive granddaughter seriously.

“One more thing. Don’t tell anyone what I told you today, Uncle Damien included.”

The old man was shocked. “What do you mean? That we should be suspecting Damien too?”

“There’s no way it could be Damien.” Old Madam shook her head immediately. “The condition of his legs has made him weak and sickly since young. He’s also autistic. It wasn’t his choice to be pushed forward to manage Yule Corporation.”

“You misunderstood me. I’m just afraid Uncle Damien could be easily tricked because of his innocent nature. The fewer people know about this, the better,” Catherine said with a smile.

The worried expression on the old couple’s face finally eased. They nodded in agreement before leaving the hospital.

Elle, who had been protecting Catherine on the side, could not help but ask, “Why didn’t you tell them that Damien Yule is especially suspicious?”

“They won’t believe me. Besides, I’m only their granddaughter, and Damien is their son. I need to show them the truth instead of hoping they’ll just take my word for it.”

Then, she got into the car.

Elle was startled as she looked at the woman’s receding silhouette. It suddenly occurred to her that the Young Madam was becoming more and more like the Eldest Young Master.

Nicola soon heard about the news that Joel was being treated by Doctor Angelo.

She almost lost her mind upon learning that. Immediately, she called the number saved on her phone. “Joel is going to regain consciousness in one month.”

“Calm down. This might be Catherine’s trap.”

“But Doctor Angelo is really capable. He has helped several patients come out of coma,” she said, flustered. “Joel is definitely going to suspect me once he wakes up, and he’ll divorce me. I might not get a single cent if that happens.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll try my best to take over the Yule Corporation within this month.”

“So what if you do? I wouldn’t be given a single share of the company.” Nicola clenched her teeth. “Why didn’t you k**l him?”

“Don’t worry… He’ll d*e.”

“I can only put my faith in you. All this is for our darling girl, Mel.”

Nicola suddenly choked between words.

As soon as she ended the call, the door was barged open. Melanie was standing by the door, her face as pale as a ghost. “Mom, who was on the phone? Who are you trying to k**l? Dad?”

Nicola’s expression shifted. “Don’t stick your nose into this. What time is it now? Why aren’t you at the office yet?”

“Mom, stop trying to change the topic. I heard it all.” Melanie stared at her mother in terror. “It’s really you who hired someone to cause dad’s accident. Mom, how could you do that? He’s your husband. Also, what do you mean by ‘our darling girl Mel’? Am I not dad’s daughter…”

“Shut up. He’s not my husband.” Nicola knew there was no point keeping this a secret any longer. “That’s right. He’s not your father.”

Melanie was shaken to her core. “That’s impossible. No way. Joel Yule is my dad!”


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