Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 443

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“Melanie, listen. Your dad wanted to divorce me not long ago. He was only going to give you 5% of Yule Corporation’s shares, but 35% to Catherine. I did all these for you,” Nicola shouted with teary eyes and grabbed her daughter by the shoulders.

Melanie’s eyes were filled with hatred. “My dad… Why? Why would he do that to me?”

“Exactly,” Nicola said grudgingly. “The both of us wouldn’t have a place in Canberra’s elite community with just 5% of the shares. Even Charlie would change his mind about being with you.”

Melanie bit her lips. She did not want to experience the pain of being abandoned again. “Mom, why is everyone biased toward Catherine? Am I really not dad’s daughter? Then who is my father?”

“Stop crying. Your dad will give you the Yule Corporation.” Nicola hugged her daughter close. “You’ll know the truth soon.”

Hadley handed over the information he had gathered on Yule Corporation to Catherine.

Lately, Damien had been spending time winning over the shareholders’ votes. He even dismissed Joel’s trusted aide with a random excuse.

In less than half a month, he had pretty much taken full control over the Yule Corporation.

“Young Madam, this is just as you predicted. The entire business industry is shocked that they were tricked by Damien, the crippled man.” Hadley was genuinely impressed by Catherine. A woman’s instinct could be really terrifying sometimes.

“What about Melanie?” she suddenly asked.

“She’s currently the Vice Director. She didn’t take the position seriously until about half a month ago. Apparently, during the last few shareholders meetings, she always sided with Damien.”

Catherine fell into deep thought. “How does Damien treat her?”

“Quite well. He even assigned her to take over a huge project a few days ago. Besides, the Yule family and Campos family are planning a collaboration…”

She lifted her head. “Hadley, do me a favor. Can you get your hands on Damien and Melanie’s hairs for a DNA test?”

This took him by surprise. “Are you suspecting that… It can’t be.”

“Don’t you find it strange? If Damien worked with Nicola simply to acquire the Yule Corporation, then shouldn’t he be trying his hardest to get rid of the mother and daughter duo now? But he’s helping Melanie to grow instead. He can hurt his own brother, but why care so much about his niece?”

Her words had convinced Hadley. “Sure, I’ll sort this out right away.”

It was already noon when Catherine completed the task at hand.

She spoke sweetly to Shaun over the phone. “Hubby, have you had lunch?”

“Not yet. I was just about to call you. Rodney invited me to hang out at his new manor,” he said softly. “I might spend the night there too.”

“I’m worried about you spending the night away from home alone.” She was genuinely concerned.

“I’m not going to be alone. Rodney, Chester, and Shelley will be there to look after me.” He chuckled. “Have Elle drop you off here in the afternoon if you miss me.”

“Sure,” she agreed without hesitation.

He appeared startled but quickly replaced the surprise with a flirtatious comment. “You really can’t bear being apart from me for even a second.”

“That’s right. I miss you so much, but it seems like the feeling is not mutual. Have your feelings for me lessened, huh?” Her words rendered him speechless.

“Okay, I can’t bear being away from you too. Come over after work, alright?”

Catherine felt extremely frustrated after he hung up. In fact, it was not that she could not bear being away from him, but rather, she was jealous. Every day after she left for work, Shelley would accompany him all day. Now, he was even bringing the woman along to hang out with his friends. Although it was reasonable, Catherine could not help but feel uneasy about that.


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