Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 445

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“You’re so beautiful,” Catherine complimented genuinely.

“It’s an honor to be praised by Mrs. Hill.” A faint smile spread across the woman’s face.

“You know who I am?” Catherine was surprised. “Well, many people have seen me from the press conference. It’s hard to forget this face.”

The other woman frowned. “I think inner beauty triumphs physical appearance.”

“Haha, I agree.” Catherine chuckled. “How did this happen?”

“My car was close to the edge when I was driving past another car just now and accidentally fell into the mud. I’ve tried several times but still failed to get it back out.” She forced a bitter smile.

Catherine walked over to have a closer look. “I think I can help. Hand me your keys.”

The other woman passed over her keys suspiciously.

Catherine then placed a big rock underneath the tire before she got into the car. She slammed down on the gas pedal, and the car drove out of the muddy area within seconds.

“I had no idea Mrs. Hill was a car expert. Thank you.” A hint of gratitude flashed past the woman’s eyes.

“Don’t mention it.” Catherine turned around to get back to her car.

Elle quickly reignited the car and drove away.

However, a strange thought popped into Catherine’s mind. Elle had been by her side protecting her since day one, yet she remained inside the car earlier. “Elle… Do you know that woman?”

“Yup,” Elle replied after a brief hesitation. “Young Madam, that woman is not innocent as she looks. She doesn’t have the best reputation in Canberra. It’s better if you keep a distance from her in the future.”


Catherine did not agree. A person’s eyes never lie. Besides, unlike the other rich ladies in Canberra, that woman did not introduce herself or try to please Catherine even if she knew about her identity as Shaun’s wife.

She may have been a bit cold, but she was polite.

People like her probably suffered from a poor reputation because of her unique independent personality.

It was around 6:00 p.m. when Catherine arrived at the manor.

She stepped out of the car and headed toward the pavilion near that lake. On the way, she heard several servers whispering as they walked past her.

“What was supposed to be French cuisine is suddenly changed to a barbeque feast. What a waste of the white truffles that were shipped over from Arx.”

“Exactly, and almost half of the dinner was prepared too. I really don’t understand these rich people.”

“Well, we have no choice. It’s all because the Eldest Young Master’s guest, Miss Langley, wants a barbeque feast.”

“He really spoils her. But I thought the Eldest Young Master is deeply in love with his wife.”

“It’s probably just for show. Didn’t you see his wife’s… facial disfigurement?”

“You’re right. Having served these rich people for the past decade, we’ve seen countless of their mistresses.”


The warm-cool spring breeze brushed past Catherine.

However, she felt a shivering cold from head to toe.

If she had not known that Shaun was here, she would probably have thought the servers were discussing someone else.

However, how could it be?

Although Shaun had reserved a place in his heart for Sarah, he still loved Catherine.

It was not something that could be replaced.

Even if Shelley was not that beautiful, she certainly still looked better than the d********d woman…

Catherine’s cell phone rang out of the blue as she instinctively went to caress her cheek. Shaun’s name was flashing on the screen.


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