Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 446

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Catherine stared at Shaun’s name, her heart racing madly. When she answered the call, a man’s charming voice sounded. “Why aren’t you here yet?”

“I’ll be there in a minute.”


Once the man ended the call, Catherine calmed down and tried hard not to overthink. It was probably the server who misunderstood the situation. Considering that she had gone through so much with Shaun, she should have more faith in him.

Three minutes later, she spotted Shaun waiting on the field.

There were four people altogether — three men and one woman.

Shelley, who did not stand out in the crowd previously, was now wearing a set of Fendi clothes from the latest spring line. She looked decent and elegant, as if she had transformed from a peasant into a princess.

Shelley and Shaun were standing in front of the barbecue grill side by side while Rodney chatted happily around them. On the other hand, Chester was holding a wine glass with a smile.

What a harmonious scene.

All of a sudden, Catherine was rooted to the spot. Although Shaun was her husband and she was quite close with Chase, she had never gotten along so well with his friends.

As a wife who loved her husband deeply, she wished she could mingle with her husband’s friends.

However, Shelley appeared to have adjusted to mingling with his friends even sooner than she could.

Who was Shelley? She was merely a carer who had been here for half a month.

Then, Catherine felt as if something was poking her eyes, and it made her feel very uncomfortable.

“Catherine…” As the first one among them who noticed her, Chester waved at her.

Shaun turned his head around and waved at Catherine too.

Forcing a smile, Catherine walked to Shaun and held his hand. “Why did you think of having a barbecue tonight?”

“Do you like it?” Shaun casually asked with a smile.

“Will you change it if I say no?” Catherine squinted her eyes and looked at him. She seemed to be joking, but a part of her looked serious.

Shaun had just changed the French cuisine into a barbecue. If he were to change it again…

He rubbed his brows in pain. Before he could respond, Rodney said, “We’ve already prepared all the ingredients. It’ll be too troublesome to change them again.”

“If you want something, just inform the chef. He’ll prepare it for you” Shaun pinched her finger and said in a doting tone, “Rodney hired one of the Top 10 chefs in the world. He can cook anything.”

“I was kidding.”

Catherine shrugged. “I don’t mind barbecue. What do you want to eat? Are shrimps okay? Shrimps are your favorite.”

Shaun hesitated for a moment, but just as he was about to answer, Rodney said, “It’s fine. Shelley has prepared more than ten pits of shrimps for Shaun.”

Catherine shifted her eyes to Shelley, who was holding pits of shrimps and beef. Those were Shaun’s favorites.

Her expression froze in spite of herself.

A look of panic washed over Shelley’s face. She was at her wits’ end. “Sorry, Young Madam. I didn’t know when you were going to arrive. I’ll let you do this, then.”

Rodney was discontented with Shelley’s inhibited demeanor. “It’s not a big deal. It’s just some pits of shrimps, right? You’re in charge of looking after Shaun anyway. There’s no need to be upset about it.”

“When was I upset?” Catherine fixed Rodney a cold gaze. She had always disliked him, but she was especially fed up with him now.

Her gaze made Rodney annoyed. “You’ve been pulling a long face, and it gave Shelley a fright.”

“No, Young Master Snow,” Shelley immediately said in a gentle manner. “Young Madam usually treats me well.”

Rodney snorted, “Why are you so afraid of her, then?”

“I’m not,” Shelley added cautiously. “I’m showing my respect to her.”

“Respect? You’re a carer, and you’re paid to perform your duties.” Rodney kept speaking up for Shelley.

Catherine flew into a rage. “Young Master Snow, your words make me seem as if I put myself above everyone else in the house. I’ve never treated Shelley poorly at home, please.”

“Young Madam, Young Master Snow, you guys…”


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