Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 447

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Shelley hurriedly responded, but Catherine interrupted her before she could finish speaking, “Since we pay her to do the job, isn’t it reasonable for her to be respectful? You pay your housekeepers and security guards to look after your house too, so does that mean they can treat you with disrespect?”

Rodney lost his temper as well. “Catherine, are you done? Have I offended you? You keep hurling insults at me. Let me tell you that Shelley is different from other people…”

“Rodney.” Shaun interrupted his sentence with a deep voice. “Cathy is my wife. Be polite to your sister-in-law.”

Catherine frowned, wondering what Rodney was planning to say just now.

Different from other people?

How was Shelley different?

Rodney replied in a huff, “You should control her, then. If she has something to say, she should just say it instead of being so sarcastic.”

“I thought I was direct enough,” Catherine argued nonchalantly.


“Cathy, grill some vegetables for me.” Shaun suddenly pulled Catherine away. “Let’s go there.”

“…Alright.” After all, Catherine did consider that Rodney was Shaun’s friend. If she kicked up a fuss about the matter, it would not benefit her either. As such, she nodded and headed to the barbecue grill on the other side.

Nevertheless, she was still in a terrible mood.

She did not say anything when she came, yet Rodney had a row with her somehow.

It suddenly occurred to Catherine that Shelley’s manner just now was filled with hypocrisy, which reminded her of Rebecca.

Speaking of it, Rebecca had vanished into thin air in Melbourne.

“The chives are going to b**n if you don’t flip them,” Shaun reminded her. “Are you still upset?”

“No. I was thinking about something else.”

“What were you thinking about? How could you be spaced out when you’re with me?” Shaun raised his long and attractive brows.

“I was wondering… Are carers these days very rich? She could afford the Fendi clothes from the latest spring line, which cost at least 100 thousand dollars.” Catherine asked out of the blue.

Shaun furrowed his brows. “When we went fishing this afternoon, Shelley accidentally fell into the water. It was Rodney who bought the clothes for her.”

Dumbfounded, Catherine’s red lips parted a little.

“Look at you…” Shaun chuckled helplessly. “You just don’t trust me, huh? You’re jealous because of Shelley. Look at how much you’ve frightened her.”

Catherine was at a loss for words.

When had she frightened Shelley? Shelley looked afraid even though Catherine did not say a word. Was it her fault?

“You think that I gave her a fright too?” Catherine asked after a while of silence.

“Cathy, forget about it.” Shaun held her hands again. “I know that you’re feeling insecure, but don’t you know my feelings for you?”

Having grasped his message, Catherine repeated her question. “Do you think that I’ve frightened her as well?”

“Can we drop this subject?” Shaun opened a bottle of yogurt and handed it to her. “She’s just an insignificant person.”


Catherine took the yogurt silently. “Is Rodney into Shelley?”

“Maybe. I’m not sure. I’m not into her anyway.” Shaun changed the subject. “I feel like eating an eggplant.”

“Alright.” Catherine took an eggplant and placed it on the grill.

Shortly after, Chester came over with a plate of grilled shrimps. He said in a teasing manner, “Sister-in-law, let me get your approval first. Can Shaun eat the shrimps that another woman grilled?”

“No. He can only eat the shrimps that I grill,” Catherine answered bluntly.


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