Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 450

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Only the sound of the burning charcoal could be heard amid the silence.

A while later, Shaun took his coat and then put his hand around Catherine’s waist. “I don’t feel like eating anymore. It’s boring. Let’s go to my room.”

“I feel like going home,” Catherine said all of a sudden.

Rodney was very glum. “Shaun, didn’t you promise to go fishing in the sea tomorrow morning? You can ask Hadley to send her home. It’s rare that all of us are free to get together and have fun.”

“Suit yourselves.” Catherine broke free from Shaun’s grasp and walked forward.

“I’m not joining tomorrow.” Shaun went after Catherine with big strides.

Shelley hurriedly took some stuff and went after them as well.

Rodney was so annoyed that he kicked the barbecue grill down.

On their way home.

Hadley drove Catherine and Shaun, who were seated in the backseats, as well as Shelley, who was seated in the passenger seat.

After some time, Shelley cautiously handed a slice of cake to Catherine and Shaun. “Eldest Young Master Hill, Young Madam, have this slice of cake to fill your tummies since you guys didn’t eat anything for dinner.”

Catherine remained still and stared Shelley down until her face became increasingly pale.

With a frown, Shaun stretched out his hand to take the cake. Then, he put it in front of Catherine. “It’ll take at least another hour for us to get home. Just eat it.”

“No need. I don’t feel like eating.” Catherine lowered her head and played with her phone.

The atmosphere on their way back to the seaside villa was tense.

When Shelley got out of the car, her eyes were all red.

Catherine turned her head around and glanced at her. “What’s wrong? I don’t think I did anything to you during the journey.”

“Young Madam…” Shelley was at her wits’ end. It seemed as if the tears in her eyes were going to trickle down her cheeks at any time. “Sorry.”

“Sorry for what?” Catherine kept an impassive face. “Stop acting like you’re aggrieved and intimidated. It might make other people think that I bullied you.”

Shaun furrowed his brows. “Cathy…”

“I’m just saying what’s on my mind.” After throwing him a glance, Catherine walked into the villa right away.

Shelley bit her lip. “Eldest Young Master Hill, Young Madam doesn’t seem too fond of me. I really have no idea what to do.”

“Just go and rest for now.”

Shaun sighed. He turned around and followed Catherine into the bedroom. “Now that you’ve vented your anger, do you feel better?”

“No. If I insist on being friends with Charity, are you going to divorce me?” Catherine lifted her head and watched the man’s handsome face darken.

“Stop it. You really took Charity’s words seriously.”

“Can you answer my question?” Catherine looked at him firmly.

A trace of impatience flashed across Shaun’s brow. “I won’t divorce you, but I won’t allow you to be friends with her either. You don’t know Charity. She’s a wicked woman.”

“What are the unforgivably wicked things she has done? Can you give me an example?” Catherine asked out of curiosity.


Shaun’s eyes darkened, then he looked away. “She has done too many wicked things in the past. Anyhow, I’m doing this for your own good.”


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