Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 452

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Shaun and Catherine had just gotten into a relationship not long ago.

However, he had already begun to have a dig at her for the sake of his buddies and Shelley.

What about one or two years later?

Catherine subconsciously touched the side of her face that was no longer as smooth and pretty as before.

Would Shaun still love her with all his heart?

Catherine suddenly became skeptical about it.

She turned around and headed to the study.

Shortly afterward, she heard the sound of a car leaving. It was probably Shelley who had left.

However, Catherine did not go out of the study.

At 11:00 p.m., the door was forcefully pushed open. Shaun walked in with a grim frown. “Catherine, are you done? Look at the time now, and you still haven’t gone to bed yet. You’re unhappy with Shelley, right? She has already left.”

“You can go to bed first. I still have something to deal with.” Catherine averted her eyes after glancing at him. She could not accept the fact that he was giving her an attitude because of another woman.

“Enough. My patience has its limits.”

Shaun pulled her up from the chair and said rudely, “Stop giving me that sulky look.”

“Don’t touch me with the hand you’ve just used to hold another woman.” Catherine subconsciously shrank away from his touch.

Shaun instantly threw a fit. “What? Her hand was injured, so I asked Aunty Yasmine to bandage it. Are you jealous just because of this? Does it mean I can’t save any women who are met with road accidents in the future?”

Catherine tried to suppress the bitterness in her eyes. She then taunted him, “How helpful of you, Eldest Young Master Hill. From what I’ve observed, you don’t seem to pay so much attention to Elle nor Hadley either.”

“You’re unreasonable. I must’ve been treating you too well, huh?”

Shaun let go of her hand. “Since you enjoy staying in the study, go ahead and take this opportunity to reflect on yourself. You can be jealous, but there’s a limit to it.”

With that, he slammed the door and walked away with a scowl on his face.

Catherine sat on the chair silently without realizing that tears were streaming down her face.

She did not enter the bedroom that night.

Shaun tossed and turned on the bed alone as he had difficulty falling asleep.

Ever since Shelley started to look after him, he had not suffered from insomnia.

That night, he only slept for an hour. When he woke up the next morning, his handsome face was glum from not getting enough rest.

As for Catherine, she did not feel like seeing his face. So, she left the house without having her breakfast.

The moment she closed the door, she heard something fall inside.

She lowered her exhausted eyes.

After she arrived at the office, she called Harvey over. “Go and find out what’s going on in Neeson Corporation.”

Catherine gave Freya a call afterward. “Considering that you have more friends in Canberra than I do, have you heard of Charity Neeson from the Neeson Corporation?”

“Oh, Charity Neeson. Ha, of course,” Freya responded in a teasing manner. “I heard she was Chester’s first girlfriend.”

Catherine was stunned. At the thought of Chester’s resentful gaze last night, she could not figure out what had made the former couple end up in this state.

Freya added, “Anyway, Charity has a bad reputation. Rumor has it that she’s cruel. She can do anything and go as far as denying her connections with her family and relatives in order to become Neeson Corporation’s president. Although she has managed to take over the role as the head of the Neeson family, her mom, who was just a secretary, used to be a mistress. Only after Boris Neeson’s legal wife passed away did Charity’s mom bring her into the Neeson family. I heard her mom is wicked too. Nobody wants to associate with them.”