Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 453

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Catherine asked out of curiosity, “Does Boris’s ex-wife have a child?”

“Now that you mentioned the woman’s child, it’s getting on my nerves,” Freya said in frustration. “I attended a social gathering a few days ago where Thomas Neeson showed interest in me, and ever since then, he’s been pestering me. He’s f*cking annoying.”

“Thomas Neeson?” Catherine frowned. “This name sounds familiar.”

Struck by a thought, Catherine rose to her feet all of a sudden. “I remember it now. When I was in Melbourne, someone called Hugh Jewell wanted to k**l me. But luckily, Wesley came to save me. Later, I heard from the police that Thomas from the Neeson family in Canberra took fancy to Hugh’s sister, Lily Jewell. Thomas forced upon her with an underhand tactic and eventually caused Lily to jump off a building. The Jewell family sued Thomas, and he was supposed to serve his sentence. However, Shaun disputed the lawsuit for him and won in the end.”

“D**n. I didn’t know it’s that b*stard.”

Freya was taken aback. “Why did he choose to pester me? How unlucky of me!”

“He doesn’t know where you live, does he?” Catherine was worried about her.

“He does. I have no idea how he got my address. He has been outside my house as soon as I get home from work for the last two days.”

The more Freya thought about it, the more frightened she was. “I don’t think a previous offender like him would barge in just like that, would he? Is there something wrong with Shaun? Why did he dispute a lawsuit for that evil man?”


Catherine kept quiet, wondering about the same thing as Freya was.

In fact, she felt that she might be getting closer to the truth, but she refused to find out about it.

“I don’t think you should go home in the next few days. Stay in the hotel for the time being,” Catherine reminded her concernedly. “Call me right away if anything happens.”

“Okay. I hope he’ll forget about me in the next few days. F*ck, he’s really annoying.”

Harvey came with the news of the investigation in the afternoon.

“President Jones, Neeson Corporation mainly produces computers, servers, printers, and other electronic products. They had been working together with either Hill Corporation or Shaunarah Corporation on microchips. However, Neeson Corporation has somehow offended Shaunarah Corporation lately, causing both Shaunarah and Hill Corporations to cancel their collaboration. So now other small companies dare not work with Neeson Corporation for fear that they will offend Shaunarah.”

“It means that Neeson Corporation has only offended Shaun recently,” Catherine said thoughtfully.

Harvey nodded. “Actually, Charity has been managing Neeson Corporation quite well for the past few years, but unfortunately…”

“I know.” Catherine nodded. “Can you get Charity’s number for me? I’d like to meet her.”

There were too many doubts in her mind that she wanted to clarify.

Thomas Neeson, Charity Neeson, Shaun Hill, Rodney Snow, Chester Jewell, Shelley Langley…

What connections did these people have?

It took Harvey some time to get Charity’s business card.

Then, Catherine personally gave Charity a call.

“This is Charity Neeson from Neeson Corporation. How may I help you?” The woman coughed in between her words.

“I’m Catherine Jones. Are you having a cold, Miss Neeson?” Catherine was stunned.

“Yeah, I’m having a slight cold.”

“Are you free for dinner tonight?”

Catherine was certain that Charity would not reject her since Charity was now desperate for help. Yet against all her expectations, Charity rejected her. “I don’t think I can make it, Miss Jones. I know you have a lot of doubts in your mind, but Neeson Corporation is now in a tight corner. If I meet you, Neeson Corporation will end in a worse state. You can’t protect me.”

‘You can’t protect me…’


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