Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 454

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It was because Catherine could not stop her husband.

She suddenly found it very funny. “It’s fine, then. Considering that I came to your assistance yesterday, could you tell me whether you know who Shelley Langley is?”


“It seems like you do know her.” Catherine held her phone tightly. “Yesterday, were you referring to me when you mentioned they were tricking and cheating someone? I think you took pity on me.”

“As long as you’re courageous, you don’t need to care about what others think about you,” Charity replied in a low voice.

Catherine smiled bitterly. “Fine, I’m not going to force you. By the way, there’s one more thing. You have a brother called Thomas Neeson, right? Can you please ask him to stop pestering my friend, Freya? Tell him that I won’t let him off the hook if anything happens to her.”

“Thomas Neeson…” Charity’s voice was filled with impatience. “Alright, I will. Let me remind you something as well, Miss Jones. You’d better ask Shelley to stay away from Shaun as soon as possible.”

Catherine’s heart skipped a beat. “I’ve already kicked her out last night.”

“I’m worried that some people won’t take it lying down…”

The minute Charity bit her tongue, a commotion suddenly arose outside the office. Subsequently, Rodney barged in while he dragged Elle behind.

“I have something to deal with, so I’ll hang up now.”

After she hung up the phone, Catherine turned her gaze to Rodney, who looked exasperated. Suddenly, something clicked in her. Was this what Charity meant by some people would not take it lying down?

Catherine was getting more confused.

“Young Master Snow, what brings you here to my office?” Catherine lifted her head and asked nonchalantly.

“Stop pretending, Catherine. Did you force Shaun to kick Shelley out?” Rodney slammed his hands on the table with rage in his eyes. “How can you be so petty-minded? I was just starting to see you in a more positive light.”

Catherine stared at him without blinking at all. “I’m not in a relationship with you, so I don’t care how you perceive me.”

“I’m Shaun’s friend, and I understand him. Do you think Shaun will be fond of a disgusting person like you who always puts him out?”

Rodney scoffed, “Shelley was cautious in front of you, yet you act like you’re all high and mighty. Do you really think you can look down on other people because of your status as Mrs. Hill? Well, with your personality, no man would love you for long.”

His words pierced through Catherine’s heart. “So, are you standing up for Shelley now? You’re into her, huh? Or are you hoping that she’ll replace me and become your new sister-in-law?”

Rodney lost his temper. “You’re out of your mind. I treat Shelly as my sister, and I just can’t tolerate the way you bullied her.”

“Did I bully her?”

Catherine felt very helpless. “Did Shelley say this?”

“Of course Shelley didn’t say it. She’s so kind, but I’m not a fool.” Rodney warned her fiercely, “Catherine, if you dare to bully her in the future, I won’t let you go even if Shaun defends you.”

When Rodney reached the door, he looked back. “I’ve known Shaun for over 20 years. How long have you known him? Think about it.”

Catherine remained seated.

When it was at night, Shaun did not give her a call at all. Since Elle was here, Catherine believed that Shaun was aware of what happened today. She wondered if it was Shaun who approved of Rodney behaving that way.

Catherine did not return to the seaside villa after work.

She ate something and strolled along the streets alone.

It had been a long while since she felt this relaxed.

She entered a KFC outlet and ordered ice cream. All of a sudden, a gentle, familiar voice of a man sounded behind her. “Is the ice cream good? I’d like to have one too.”

Catherine turned her head back only to see Wesley standing behind her in a gray suit. With his slender figure and his mature and noble aura, all the women around him shifted their gazes to him.


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