Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 456

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Catherine stared at Wesley in a daze.

Sarah Wonderland.

Of course, she had heard about Canberra’s largest amusement park that offered the most thrilling rides from around the world. One of the castles cost 30 billion dollars to construct.

Even so, she had no idea that Shaun had built that amusement park for his ex-girlfriend.

A pitiful look washed over Wesley’s face. “And to commemorate her, the name Shaunarah Corporation is a wordplay of their names. Cathay, many people online are jealous of you, but do you know there are many in elite society who are actually mocking you?”

“Stop it.” She shook her head, refusing to hear more.

“There’s one more thing that you don’t know.”

Suddenly, he grabbed her by the arm. “Do you know why Hugh Jewell wanted to k**l you?”


Her lips quivered.

He did not allow her to avoid the question. “Hugh’s family is destroyed because Shaun represented Thomas Neeson for the lawsuit. He did so simply because the man is Sarah’s brother. It didn’t matter to him that Thomas is a b*****d who had done many bad things in life. He betrayed his own principles because of her.”

Catherine was stunned into silence even if she had already guessed that truth.

However, hearing it from someone else’s mouth still made her heart pound so quickly that she felt suffocated.

In the past, she thought Shaun had done so because of money.

Then, when she learned that he was the richest man in the country, she thought he had done so because of pride and glory for being at the top.

As it turned out, it was simply for his ex-girlfriend.

How important was Sarah to him, really?

Wesley said in a heartbroken voice, “You almost died that time. Why should you and I be dealing with the consequences of the bad actions Shaun did for his ex-girlfriend?”

“Stop it.”

She was afraid she would lose her mind if she heard more.

“Catherine, I’m only telling you these with the hope that you’ll remain rational. Don’t give up everything for him, including your heart. He’s unwell, and he’s not worth your sacrifices unless you’re the only person he loves. But there’s no way you can replace a d**d person.”

“I will. Thanks.”

She nodded absent-mindedly before removing the man’s hand. “I want to be left alone for a while.”

“Sure…” Wesley tucked her hair behind her ear.

When she finally walked out of KFC, looking despondent, the affection in his eyes was instantly replaced by a dangerous intent.

At the same time.

Over in the quiet seaside villa.

A feast was spread across the dining table.

Shaun had not lifted the cutleries at all.

Suddenly, his phone vibrated. A reporter he was familiar with sent him several photos.

There were a few photos of Catherine and Wesley eating ice cream together in KFC, as well as the one where he held her hand. Although it was taken from the side, the affection in the man’s eyes and her sad expression were clearly captured in the photo.

What a great reunion with the ex-boyfriend.

The rage that had been suppressed earlier finally erupted like a volcano.

Shaun sprung to his feet and swept everything from the dining table to the floor.