Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 457

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Aunty Yasmine jumped at the commotion. Shaun smashed everything in the dining room and living room like a madman with blood oozing from his hands.

She immediately rang Catherine, but she was not answering.

Seeing that the man seemed to be losing more of himself with every passing second, she had no choice but to ring Shelley.

She had no idea how to handle the Eldest Young Master’s condition. She remembered the nurse had been taking good care of him recently.


After coming out of KFC.

Catherine kept walking along the road absent-mindedly. She even forgot about her car.

She had been walking for a long time. By the time she recollected herself, she realized she was at the entrance of Sarah Wonderland.

Gorgeous fireworks exploded over the castle.

She was looking at it blankly when a couple walked past her.

“The fireworks are beautiful.”

“Yup. Do you know why it’s displayed at this time every week?”

“What’s the time now? Let me see. 8:31 p.m. on a Friday. 831… 8 letters 3 words 1 meaning… Does it mean I love you?”

“Haha, smarty pants. I heard that a wealthy man built this amusement park for his girlfriend several years ago. On the night before the opening, that man proposed to his girlfriend right here. Apparently, the fireworks did not stop the entire night. Some of them even burst into the night sky in a pattern that formed the word LOVE. Since then, no matter the weather, there would be firework displays here every Friday night. Rumor has it that a couple that watches the firework show together will be happy forever.”

“That’s so romantic. I’m so envious of that wealthy man and his girlfriend. They must be really happy together now.”

“I think so too.”


The sound of their discussion faded into the distance.

Catherine’s cheeks were streaking with tears by the time she came back to her senses.

  1. Amusement park. Fireworks.

What a beautiful fairytale.

It was a shame that the wealthy man ended up marrying a horrendous woman after his true love died.

Right at this moment, she felt like an idiot.

She regretted it all. Perhaps she should not have returned to his side in the first place, and she would not have to experience this heart-shattering pain.


12:00 a.m.

Catherine shuffled her heavy feet into the villa.

Aunty Yasmine, who had dozed off on the couch, jumped upon her return. “Young… Young Madam, you’re home.”

“Hmm.” Catherine walked toward the stairs.

“Young Madam, why are you back so late?” Aunty Yasmine suddenly approached her and questioned with a smile. “Have you eaten? Are you hungry? Let me make you some food.”

“I’m not hungry.”

She walked around to go past Aunty Yasmine.

“Do you want some milk? I can make you a glass right now.” The latter hurried forward to stop her by the stairs.

Catherine looked at the woman for a few seconds before glancing at the second floor. “Aunty Yasmine, what’s happening upstairs? Why do you keep getting in my way?”

Aunty Yasmine scratched her head diffidently. “I wasn’t…”

Without listening to the explanation, Catherine pushed past the woman and rushed upstairs.

A female fragrance that did not belong to her wafted up to her nostrils upon opening the bedroom door.


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