Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 460

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“Eldest Young Master had a relapse after that, and Young Madam said she was going to leave. He shut her down in the cellar and accidentally injured Aunty Yasmine. I called the ambulance in the middle of the night to send Aunty Yasmine to the hospital. Now, I don’t know what else to do,” Shelley said.

The handprint on her cheek was still red and swollen. Rodney hit the roof upon hearing that. “Catherine is absolutely sick. I’m going to teach her a lesson…”

“Calm down.” Chester grabbed his friend by the arm.

“Look at what she’s done to Shaun. She knew he’s mentally unstable, yet she deliberately provoked him. I think she’s trying to make him lose his mind so she can inherit his wealth.”

Shelley said weakly, “I unlocked the door to the cellar secretly this morning to let her out. I think… It’s not a good idea to lock someone up like that. What happens if Eldest Young Master has another relapse and hurts someone again?”

Chester complimented her, “You did the right thing. Shaun is wrong to have locked her up.”

“But I’m afraid Eldest Young Master will be mad at me for doing so…” A look of concern washed over her face.

“We’ll tell him that we were the ones that let her go,” Chester replied.

“Thank you.”

Shaun woke up not long after that. He held his head with both hands to relieve the piercing headache.

“Are you feeling better?” Rodney asked caringly.

Shaun raised his head to look at them with a frown. “Why are you all here? Where’s Catherine? Did she come home last night?”


They all looked at him in surprise. Rodney and Chester then exchanged glances.

A few seconds later, Chester questioned, “Shaun, don’t you remember what happened last night?”

“What happened? Haven’t I been sleeping all night?” He sounded confused. “I argued with her the night before and waited for her to come yesterday until quite late at night. I got into bed feeling frustrated and somehow just fell asleep.”

Rodney was genuinely shocked.

Chester patted his friend on the shoulder. “To tell you the truth, you argued with Catherine again last night and she has left the villa. You hurt Aunty Yasmine in the process, and she was sent to the hospital. Fortunately, Aunty Yasmine called Shelley last night.”

Shaun’s expression instantly turned grim. “That’s impossible. I don’t remember any of that.”

“It seems like your condition has worsened faster than we expected. You’re even showing symptoms of amnesia and hallucination. It’s quite tricky.” Chester furrowed his brows.

Shaun clenched his fists on the blanket. “No way. I’ve been feeling much better lately.”

Rodney said angrily, “It must be because Catherine keeps provoking you. I think it’s best if you stop seeing her for the time being. Let Shelley continue taking care of you. It’s for your own good.”

“I agree with Rodney this time. It’s best if you keep a distance from her. I’m sure you don’t want to… hurt her, right?” Chester hesitated. “I recently heard about this expert psychologist, Nyasia from abroad. Apparently, she can cure any patient. But she’s quite a mysterious person, so it takes a lot of time and effort to get in touch with her.”

“Get in touch with this person no matter what.” Shaun had never despised himself more.

Although that woman had only left him for one night, he could not resist the urge to go looking for her.

However, he needed to control himself so he would not hurt her again.

Catherine spent the night in the hotel.

The following day, she dragged Freya with her for house hunting. This time, she had made up her mind to buy a house so that she has her own place in Canberra.

“Are you really not going back? Don’t change your mind again when Shaun comes looking for you in the next few days.” Freya could not help but tease her friend.

“The two of them were sleeping on my bed. Do you think I can still go back there?”

She felt as if her heart had been stabbed when she remembered that scene. “My mind and body repel the thought of that man. Our relationship could have had a happy ending, but it ended up in a shthole.

“You’re right. It’s so disgusting. Since he can’t let go of Sarah Neeson, then he should go after that substitute. Why does he still want to keep you around? Gross.”

Freya grabbed her by the arm. “Let’s go and buy a nice villa. I know a great place.”