Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 461

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Oceanic Garden.

The neighborhood, consisting of bungalows and villas, was built right next to the Elm River. It was also equipped with a lake, sports center, and other facilities.

The salesperson brought Catherine and Freya on a tour the entire afternoon. When they returned to the sales unit, the manager was shocked upon recognizing Catherine, and he immediately informed the boss. The boss quickly called Hadley and the latter passed on the message to Shaun. “Eldest Young Master, Miss Jones is looking to purchase a house.”

The man, who was reading work documents in the office, frowned. “What is she trying to prove? It was just a small argument. Does she really not want to come home now?”


Hadley did not think it was just a small argument. However, he knew he should console the man instead of further provoking him. “Perhaps… She’s making an investment? Many rich madams are doing the same too.”

The tensed features on Shaun’s face relaxed. After a brief consideration, he said, “Since my wife is planning to buy a property… Tell them to give her the best discount. Hmm, a 90% discount.”


The corners of Hadley’s lips twitched. “But Eldest Young Master, Young Madam will definitely be suspicious if you were to do so. She might even change her mind about buying it.”

Shaun threw him an annoyed look. “70% then. They can’t go lower than this.”

“Um… Sure.”

Hadley was speechless. This was his first time seeing the boss trying to give a customer more discount than he should have.

In the Oceanic Garden.

Catherine and Freya were extremely satisfied after the tour. The only thing that put her off was the price because it was slightly out of her budget. The cheapest property here would cost at least hundreds of million dollars.

“Please give me your best price. I’ll need a few days to consider this,” she said in the end.

“Sure, let me check it with my leader.”

The salesperson was away for five minutes before reappearing excitedly. “Miss Jones, great news! Our leader says you’ll be our 1000th customer if you place the deposit today. Any property of your choice would be given a 50% discount, and you would even earn the chance to join our special lucky draw. Some of the prizes include a further discount on the property, free refrigerator and household appliances, luxury gifts worth hundred thousand dollars, and so on.”


Catherine was overwhelmed by the sudden information.

Freya screamed out of excitement. “You’ve won the lottery! Hurry up and place your deposit already. There’s no need for further consideration.”

“That’s right. Only our 1000th customer can get these benefits. It’s worth the money even if you purchase the property and forget about it later on,” the salesperson echoed exaggeratedly.

In the end, Catherine paid the deposit and tried her luck in the draw. The salesperson looked at it and covered her mouth as she screamed aloud. “Oh my god, you’re the luckiest person on earth! You’ve drawn the further discount prize. You get a further 20% discount on top of the 50% from before. In other words, you’ll get a total of 70% discount! You can have a fully-renovated luxurious property that normally costs two hundred and eight million dollars at only a total of 80 million dollars! That’s amazing!”


Catherine had no words.

She felt as if a lucky spell had been cast upon her.

Could her fate have changed for the better after leaving Shaun?

She walked out of the sales unit feeling dazed.

Freya was not any better than her. “I’ve never met such luck when purchasing properties. Do you think it’s possible that Shaun is secretly…”

“No way. He’s probably enjoying his time with Shelley. The only time he thinks about me is probably to lock me away again.” She pouted.

“You’re right. Perhaps even god took pity on you. Forget it. Let’s head back to the hotel and pack up our belongings. We should go to the pub tonight to celebrate your wins!”


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