Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 462

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Freya draped her arm around Catherine’s shoulders.

The latter did not refuse. After all, it had been a long time since she went to a pub.


9:00 p.m.

The two of them walked into the pub together.

Catherine had not been in this environment for a long, long time. Being here reminded her of the simple and carefree life before she got married.

However, not long after they started drinking, they were approached by a cocky young man dressed in a floral shirt.

“Freya, what a coincidence that we meet again.” The man caressed Freya’s face with a sly smile.

Freya’s face sank immediately and pushed his hand away. “Thomas Neeson, I’ve stated clearly that I’m not interested in you. Keep your hands off me.”

Catherine was shocked that this man was Sarah Neeson’s elder brother.

“Don’t say that. You might not be able to keep your hands off me once you’ve seen how great I’m in bed.” He continued to harass her with an evil smile on his face. “It’s your honor to be my woman.”

“Thomas Neeson, I’ll either call your elder sister or the police if you keep this act up.” Catherine positioned herself in front of Freya.

“Ugly duckling. Who do you think you are?” He stared at her for a few seconds before he suddenly laughed. “Oh, you’re Shaun’s wife. No wonder you’re so arrogant.”

Catherine frowned, but Freya poked her head forward from the back. “That’s right. Cathay is the wife of the Eldest Young Master, and I’m her best friend. Harassing her is the same as harassing him.”

Thomas laughed aloud after he heard that. “I’ll be scared if Shaun is here, but this is just his wife. Honestly, even if I slept with his wife tonight, the most he’ll do to me is punch me a few times in the face. Do you believe me?”

Catherine felt her heart sink at the sight of his arrogant face.

However, she had to admit that he was probably right.

This man was the blood brother of Sarah Neeson. Shaun would not do anything to him even if he destroyed the whole world.

Thomas sized her up and down like a p*****t. “Tsk, you’re really ugly and nothing compared to my sister. You wouldn’t be married to Shaun if not for your luck.”

“Will you stop?” Unable to endure it much longer, Freya’s hands slammed down on the table. “I don’t care who your younger sister is. With a brother like you, I bet she’s probably just a cheap b*tch.”

“You stupid woman. I’ll change my name if I don’t sort you out tonight!”

With a twisted face, Thomas reached out his arms to grab Freya’s shoulders. At that moment, a beautiful hand appeared out of nowhere to grab him by the wrist.

“Who the h**l is…” He looked over his shoulders and froze the second he noticed Charity’s elegant, cold face.

“I remember telling you to stop harassing Miss Lynn.” She looked at him indifferently.

A hint of intimidation flashed across his eyes but vanished as quickly as it came. “Charity, who do you think you are to meddle in my business?”

“So I should allow you to keep messing about and bring shame to the family?” She applied more pressure around his wrist.

“Ouch… It hurts!” Thomas bent over from the waist in a grimace but could not struggle free from her grip no matter how hard he tried. “Let me go, Charity. You aren’t better than me. The Neeson family is crumbling because you’ve offended the Eldest Young Master. It’s all your fault!”


Charity frowned.

The man smiled smugly at the sight of that. “Let me give you a word of advice. Eldest Young Master will only forgive you once you hand over Neeson Corporation to me. Do you wish to see the corporation torn apart because of you?”


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