Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 463

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“Shut up. Neeson Corporation would be destroyed under your leadership.” Charity grabbed Thomas’s shoulder and flipped him over hers. The man was mercilessly flung to the ground under the public gaze.

Both Catherine and Freya were stunned. However, the latter was first to break the silence by applauding loudly. “You’re so awesome and cool!”

Thomas was furious at being criticized and ridiculed by the crowd. “Charity, I will not let this go unsettled.”

Then, he climbed up to his feet and stumbled out of the pub.

“Thank you.” Catherine poured two glasses of red wine and handed one over to Charity.

She had a good first impression of this woman, but tonight, she was really impressed.

“Don’t worry. I was just passing by. The pub owner told me he was harassing women again, so I came to have a look.”

Charity took a sip of the wine.

“Nice one, sister!” Freya gave her a thumbs up. “I’ll surely go after you if you were a man.”

“It’s not good for women to be too awesome,” Charity teased herself. “I should be the one apologizing…”

“He’s not your blood brother, so don’t sweat it.” Catherine dragged a chair from the next table. “Want to join us?”

Charity frowned as she hesitated for a moment. “It’s alright. We don’t belong to the same world. If Shaun finds out about this…”

“I’ve separated from him,” she interrupted. “I’ve moved out from his villa. I don’t want to be a fool anymore.”

The woman’s decisiveness took Charity by surprise. “Can you really let him go?”

“A little loss is better than a long sorrow.” Catherine smiled bitterly. “Actually, I’ve known about Sarah’s existence a long time ago. I thought it’ll be fine even if I can’t be compared to the memory of a ghost. After all, she’s d**d. But I don’t see the point of competing with her substitute.”

“That’s right. There are plenty of fishes in the sea,” Freya agreed. “Eldest Young Master is rich, but so what? You can earn your own money too.”

“Fair enough.” Charity’s eyes sparkled with brilliance. “If so, we should really have some good fun tonight.”

The three women were of similar age, and on top of the influence of alcohol, they clicked on really well.

After drinking for some time, the three of them started to dance on the stage.

Catherine had never felt freer than she was now.

Her life had been revolving around Shaun recently. In fact, she lived her days with stress and no freedom.

Now, she even made a new friend. Perhaps this was the beginning of something good.

The pub was frequented only by the wealthiest and most influential people. One of them among the crowd was a vlogger with a massive following. He shared a clip on his social media platforms. [Dancing at the pub and bumped into three angels from heaven. Tonight’s really worth it.]

[The girls are really beautiful in their own ways. One looks like a mixed-race babe, and another one has the features of classic beauty. It’s a shame that the one standing in the middle has a scar on her face, but her figure is amazing.]

[Wow, is it just me, or does the one in the middle look like Eldest Young Master’s wife?]

[Good eye. I’m convinced now.]

[That must be her.]

[Eldest Young Master’s wife looks so s**y when she dances. I finally understand why he fell for her.]

Soon, the hashtag #EldestYoungMastersWifeInPub went viral online. The video even garnered many views in less than half an hour.

Seaside villa.