Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 466

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“Limits? What are your limits?” Catherine sneered when she saw Thomas standing behind Shaun. “Why did you bring him here? To stand up for him again?”

Thomas immediately moaned in pain. “Young Madam Hill, you really should stay away from Charity. She has a purpose for befriending you.”

“Thomas, I really regret that I didn’t hit you hard enough just now.” Charity narrowed her beautiful eyes.

Thomas was so frightened that he immediately hid behind Shaun. “Eldest Young Master, look at how arrogant she is to threaten me in front of you.”

“Charity, it looks like I’ve been too kind to you.” Shaun’s face was as cold as ice. “I’m warning you now to stay away from my wife. Otherwise, say goodbye to being the president of Neeson Corporation.”

Charity’s pretty face turned pale as she bit her lips. However, Catherine grabbed her hand and looked at Shaun with her head high. “She doesn’t need to befriend me. From now on, I’ll be the one who’ll befriend her. She is the first good friend I’ve made in Canberra.”

Shaun was extremely furious. “Catherine, let me remind you again that this woman is scheming, cunning, and vicious, yet you still want to be her friend. Are you so stupid to not see that?”

“Yes, I’m so stupid that I fell in love with you.”

Catherine sneered coldly. “Can’t you tell who’s the scheming and cunning one? Charity didn’t lie to me. Quite the contrary, I know that my husband keeps a woman who looks like his ex-girlfriend by his side every day. Is this the love you keep talking about? You’re disgusting.”

Stunned, a mix of astonishment and embarrassment flashed across Shaun’s face. However, it was only for a few seconds before he glared at Charity. “Did you tell her about this?”

Charity was speechless, and Catherine immediately positioned herself in front of the woman. “How would she dare to tell me when you’re threatening her with Neeson Corporation? Your relationship with Sarah was too high-profile that everyone in Canberra knows. Besides, I may not have confronted you, but you call out Sarah’s name in your sleep. Even the name Shaunarah Corporation is a wordplay of your name with hers. I knew that ages ago. Oh, what else? You built an amusement park to propose to her. The fireworks still go off at 8:31 p.m. as a declaration of your love. How touching. Don’t you think I’m really stupid?”

“No. All these are in the past…”

Shaun did not know what to do.

He never knew that he had called Sarah’s name in his dreams. Why could he not remember any of that?

He reached out to grab Catherine’s hand, but she flung it away fiercely.

The woman standing opposite of him stared at him with a mixture of hatred, disappointment, and anger.

“I thought it was in the past too, but your decision to keep Shelley by your side tells me that I’ll never be better than the memory of a ghost, or even a substitute.”

Catherine pointed a trembling finger at Shelley. “How many disgusting things have you done with her on my bed when I was away every day? Is there no other room in the house? You must be so desperate that you aren’t even picky anymore.”

“Young Madam, what are you talking about?” Aggrieved, Shelley said, “You’re the only one Eldest Young Master cares about.”

“Shut up! No one can be more pretentious than you. You fooled all the men and made everything seem like it’s my fault.” Catherine took a deep breath. “But it doesn’t matter. You can have this man if you want because I don’t care anymore.”

“If you don’t care about me, then who do you care about?”

Shaun squeezed her shoulders. His body hurt like he was suffocating. “I haven’t done anything with Shelley. I only keep her around… because… because she’s Sarah’s cousin, and I thought I should take care of her. I’m not interested in her at all.”

“Oh right, taking care of her on our bed too.” Catherine sneered.

“I didn’t.” Shaun shouted violently, “Why don’t you believe me?”

“Because you don’t deserve my trust.”

Catherine shook her head. She felt more at peace after venting out her suppressed feelings. “Shaun, aren’t you tired? For protecting your ex-girlfriend’s cousin and her brother. Your hatred for Charity and suppressing Neeson Corporation has something to do with your ex-girlfriend, right? What more would come in the future?”