Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 469

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A complicated feeling materialized in Shaun’s heart when he saw the bandage around Aunty Yasmine’s head. “You should rest at home. I’ll get Hadley to hire me a carer…”

“It’s fine, Eldest Young Master. Seeing you in this state makes me worry.” She then parted her lips to say something but changed her mind.

Thinking that she was afraid, he said softly, “Sorry…”

“I’m fine, but Young Madam has misunderstood you,” she said. “You guys got into an intense argument that night, and I didn’t have the chance to explain. Actually, Young Madam didn’t hit Shelley for no reason. She came home to see you and her lying on the same bed. If it were me, I would’ve misunderstood too.”

“What?” He looked at the woman with his dark eyes. “Why was Shelley on my bed?”

She replied helplessly, “You had a relapse that day. You wouldn’t let go of her hand the second she showed up, even after she brought you up into bed. Eldest Young Master… Did you mistake her for Miss Neeson then?”

“I didn’t…” Shaun became frustrated. Did he grab her hands? He had no recollection of it at all.

She then continued. “I wanted to stop Young Madam that night, but she rushed upstairs and misunderstood the situation. You even locked her up in the cellar after that. I bet she’s very shaken up.”

“I… I locked her up in the cellar?” This took him by surprise. He was told that they only had a small argument.

“That’s right. Young Madam shouted for help the whole night. It was so heartbreaking. She was shocked that you locked her up in the cellar after what your family members did to her last time.”

The heavy feeling in his chest grew into an intense pain.

What had he done?

His head began to hurt again.

Flustered, Aunty Yasmine quickly grabbed a pillow and placed it behind his neck.

Even so, the piercing pain stopped him from sleeping at all that night.

In the morning.

Catherine walked into the Hudson Corporation.

Hadley had been waiting there for a long time. “Young Madam, this is the DNA test results between Melanie and Mr. Yule that you requested before.”

This caught her by surprise. She had fallen out with Shaun, and thus she did not expect his assistant would continue to help her. “Thank you.”

She received the document before saying, “This will be the last time I asked for your help. Please stop calling me Young Madam after this. That’s no longer who I am.”

“You’re my boss as long as you’re married to the Eldest Young Master.” He frowned with concern. “Actually, Eldest Young Master really cares about you. Two nights ago, after you left the pub, he passed out and didn’t regain consciousness until yesterday. He’s not doing well at the moment. Last night, he…”

“You should look for Shelley. Or visit his ex-girlfriend’s grave.”

Talking about these ruined her mood.

Many people around Shaun kept telling her that he cared for her, that his condition would worsen without her.

She believed them.

She even brought herself down to please the members of the Hill family.

However, what did she get in the end? Humiliation and lies.

“Eldest Young Master doesn’t like Shelley…”

“Hadley, stop. I’m not a charity organization.”

She interrupted him without hesitation, and the hatred in her eyes explained everything.

Hadley was at a loss for words. He let out a sigh after she stepped into the elevator. If he knew this was how things would turn out, he would have convinced Eldest Young Master to not hire Shelley in the beginning.


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