Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 471

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Melanie was in a daze. “Dad, are you planning to…”

“I want you to be Canberra’s top elite lady. You will be sought after and envied by everyone.” Damien’s gaze was full of confidence. “That day will come very soon.”

Melanie imagined that scene, and her body shuddered in excitement.

11 p.m.

Catherine returned to the manor after watching a movie.

Once she opened the door, she felt that something was not right. The smell of roses in the living room was too strong. There was a pair of men’s shoes at the entrance, and they looked familiar.

Her heart skipped a beat.

She turned on the lights. Numerous red roses had been arranged into a heart shape in the middle of the living room.

Shaun sat on the fabric sofa, wearing a black T-shirt paired with long black pants. He even had his hair cut into choppy bangs, which was currently trending in the entertainment industry. His hair, coupled with his angular features and distinctly outlined face, made him look handsome and clean-cut.

Catherine almost could not recognize him.

Was that Shaun?

Why did he look like this today?

He looked like a boy who just came out of school, innocent yet wayward and unruly.

She already had the impression that male celebrities in the entertainment industry with this hairstyle were good-looking.

However, they were nothing compared to Shaun.

“Do I look good?” Shaun saw her staring at him motionlessly, and the corners of his mouth lifted. It seemed like Chester’s secret handbook was useful.

Women could not resist men who were handsome, sunny, and slightly unruly.

Although he had never done this before, he was willing to change his hairstyle once in a while just for Catherine.

Catherine studied him seriously and frowned. “How did Shelley look after you that she still let you out with such a serious brain disease?”

“You’re concerned about me?” Shaun’s mood lightened up. “I feel much better after seeing you.”

“No way, you cut your hair into this childish hairstyle and even went to somebody else’s house to fill it up with roses. Doesn’t this mean that you got sicker?” Catherine did not beat around the bush. “Did you put these at the wrong place? You should’ve placed them in front of Sarah’s grave.”


It turned out that she was talking about his hairstyle and the flowers when she said that he got sicker.

Shaun stiffened.

He had lived for 30 years, yet it was the first time he felt like he got slapped in the face.

“You must be insane. How do I throw all this stuff out?” Catherine had a headache from looking at the flowers. She spent a whole day cleaning this new house, but he created a mess here.


Shaun heard her mutters, and his expression darkened like the bottom of a pan.

He had spent so much time arranging the flowers, and his hands were p*****d by thorns everywhere.

“Why are you here anyway?” Catherine stared at him unhappily. “How did you enter? Please leave immediately, or I’ll report you to the police for trespassing on private property.”

“Okay, you can go ahead and report me. I’ll just show this to the police.” Shaun took their marriage certificate out. “We’re still husband and wife. I have a share of the properties under your name, so I have legal rights to stay here.”

Catherine was speechless. She almost forgot that he was the best lawyer in Australia.


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