Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 474

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Seeing the breakfast Shaun prepared for her earlier made her hungry.

She drove to a breakfast cafe. She heard from Freya that the food at the cafe here was not bad.

However, just as she started eating after ordering her breakfast, Melanie and Charlie walked into the cafe holding hands.

The cafe manager followed them both attentively. “Young Master Campos, Ms. Yule, both of you came early. There are still seats available. Where would you like to sit?”

Melanie took a look around and set her gaze on Catherine. Her eyes brightened. She pulled Charlie and walked over immediately.

“Oh, isn’t this the wife of Eldest Young Master Hill? Why are you eating breakfast here alone? Where is Eldest Young Master Hill who loves you so deeply?” Melanie looked around.

Catherine frowned.

She was having a good breakfast, but they were being so busy that she was getting annoyed now.

The cafe manager panicked. “Young Madam Hill, for the poor hospitality, I—”

“It’s okay, Mr. Cameron.” Charlie gave a profound smile. “I’m guessing she’s not going to be Young Madam Hill anymore soon enough. As far as I know, Ms. Jones has been kicked out of the house by Eldest Young Master Hill. I heard that she was even hurriedly searching for a house to buy and move into a few days ago.”

Mr. Cameron understood his words. The look he gave Catherine was no longer respectful, and it was even filled with disdain.

“Young Master Campos, you’re so well-informed.” Catherine wiped her mouth and shot Charlie a sharp gaze. “You even know more than the media. Could it be that you had a spy placed outside my manor?”

Charlie harrumphed. “Who doesn’t know that Shaun brought a caregiver who looks similar to his ex-girlfriend home a few days ago to take care of him?”

“You’re so ridiculous.” Melanie’s expression was full of sarcasm. “Shaunarah, Shaunarah, does that not mean Shaun and Sarah? Look at your hideous face. You must’ve really thought that you could occupy the position of Young Madam Hill permanently. But I have to thank you as well. If you hadn’t snatched Shaun away, I wouldn’t have been able to meet my Charlie who truly treasures me.”

Charlie patted Melanie’s hair smugly even though he had not liked Melanie that much previously.

However, Joel was not around anymore, so Melanie was the heir to Yule Corporation. He could not be more satisfied.

The Yule family and the Campos family would merge soon. Shaun would be nothing by then.

“Mr. Cameron, I think her seat by the window isn’t bad,” Melanie said while pointing at Catherine’s table.

“Then make her get lost and go to another table,” Charlie ordered arrogantly.

Without further ado, Mr. Cameron had a waiter move Catherine’s things to a table by the wall at the corner of the cafe. “Ms. Jones, please have your meal over there.”

“You guys are…”

Catherine shook her head helplessly and stood up.

Melanie smiled smugly at her. “Catherine Jones, do you see this? You’ll never beat me. I’m the vice president of Yule Corporation now. Next week, I’ll get married to Charlie. By that time, the Campos and the Yule families will become a powerful team. No one in Australia will dare to say anything no matter what I do.”

“Oh, congratulations then.” Catherine stood up slowly. “But Dad is still lying on the hospital bed and it’s still uncertain whether he’ll live or d*e. But you’re still in the mood to get married?”

“Melanie just wants to bring Uncle Joel some luck,” Charlie answered before Melanie.

“Sounds like you care about Dad a lot, but I’ve never seen you visit Dad even once after he fell into a coma. That’s so filial of you.” Catherine gave a fake smile.

“Whether I go or not is none of your business.”

Melanie sneered, “What about you? You obtained the rights to take care of Dad, but so what? Yule Corporation is mine, and everything that Dad owns belongs to me. You’ve got nothing to do with it. I heard that Doctor Angelo is d**d. Nobody can save Dad now. You can hug his body for the rest of your life.”

“Look at your tone. It seems like you’re not sad at all that Doctor Angelo is d**d and Dad can’t wake up.” Catherine tsked and raised her eyebrows.

Melanie’s throat was stuck for a moment. She said annoyedly, “Can you quickly get lost? Don’t disturb us from having our breakfast.”

“I hope you can continue being so cocky.”

Catherine took out a few bills and threw them on the table. “I’ll give you guys the table, but next time… I won’t let it slide anymore.”

She took her bag and left after she finished talking.

Melanie sneered, “Next time? She’s really good at boasting.”

She paused for a moment and turned to look at Charlie. “You said there’s a woman who looks like Shaun’s ex-girlfriend by his side. Is that true?”


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