Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 477

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Catherine remained silent for a moment. Then, she said, “You had a chef make all this for you, right?”

“No, I spent the whole morning making lunch for you at home,” Shaun said, “You were the one who was trying to please me in Melbourne. Now, it’s my turn to woo you.”

Catherine mocked, “Eldest Young Master Hill, you’re indeed skillful at pleasing women. It seems that you had also put in a lot of effort when you went after Sarah in the past.”

“Whether you believe it or not, I’ve only cooked for you before.” Shaun handed her a fork. “Eat up.”

“I’m not eating.” Catherine lost her temper. Why did she have to eat when he told her to?

“Cathy, you’re not being rational. Don’t you have an ex-boyfriend too?”

“Fine, I’ll get a guy who looks similar to Ethan to take care of me by my side. Is that okay?”

Catherine glanced up at him. Sure enough, she saw the dissatisfaction in his eyes and laughed. “See, when have you ever put yourself in my shoes to think about the situation?”

“I’m sorry,” Shaun apologized sincerely. He was indeed in the wrong regarding this issue with Shelley. “I won’t do it again in the future.”

“Shaun, there’s no future for us anymore,” Catherine said insistently.

“Don’t talk nonsense.”

Shaun made himself comfortable on the office chair. “If you don’t eat, then I won’t leave.”

Catherine glared at him. She had not known he was so shameless before this.

“Be good.” Shaun was knocking on the table’s surface and suddenly said, “Are you short-sighted now?”

“Of course not.”

“Then why can’t you see that I love you?” Shaun smirked elegantly.


Catherine was utterly shocked.

F*ck, he was copying her and saying cheesy stuff.

Her lips moved, but Shaun quickly pressed her lips with his hand. “Don’t talk.”


The man sighed faintly. “Although you’re not talking, my whole brain is filled with your voice. What should I do?”


What could he do? He should just d*e.

Catherine took her cup and gulped down some water to digest his words. “Alright, stop talking.”

“Okay, I won’t say anything if you don’t let me. I’ll listen to you.” Shaun put on a well-behaved look.

He was almost driving Catherine insane. She seriously suspected that he had multiple personalities. She suddenly missed the arrogant and haughty him compared to the current him.

F*ck, she definitely had a masochistic streak.

She did not want to eat his food, but she was too hungry.

She grabbed the fork and ate the food.

It was not very delicious, but the taste was still passable.

Shaun rested his chin on his hands. “I finally understand why you enjoyed cooking for me in the past. Seeing the person I like eating the food I make really puts me in a good mood.”


Catherine cringed. When did she enjoy cooking for him? At the start, it was just to please him. After that, was he not the one who forced her?

Did he not have some f*cking sense?

“Give me your phone. I’m removing myself from your blocked contacts.” Shaun held out his hand.


“Then I’ll snatch it myself.” Shaun stood up, his towering figure looking domineering.

Catherine gritted her teeth and tossed her phone to him.

Shaun tapped the screen a few times and removed himself from the list of blocked contacts on her phone and Whatsapp.

After returning the phone to her, he took his phone and tapped it a few times as well.

Not long after, Catherine’s phone vibrated. She looked at it and there was a notification: [Shauncierely Yours sent you a message].


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