Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 478

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Shauncierely Yours…

She burped out of shock.

“Did you receive it? That’s my new Whatsapp name.” Shaun glanced at her.

“What are you trying to pull here?” Catherine was in a blur.

“I’m copying you.”


Catherine recalled that when she was trying to flirt with him in the past, she had even set her Whatsapp name as ‘Shaunerine’.

She had been calm about it before but remembering it made her face flush from embarrassment.

Was she insane back then?

“Look at my ‘About’ section,” Shaun reminded her.

Catherine tapped it open while trembling. [If a life imprisonment is to love you forever, then I willingly accept the punishment.]

Shaun lowered his head and coughed. “Do you like it?”

As a lawyer, that was the most romantic lawyer-related confession he could think of.

Catherine touched his forehead.

“What are you doing?”

“Checking if you have a fever.”

Shaun’s expression darkened. “Enough, I spent the whole night trying to come up with this. For someone like me, one minute is enough to earn me an income of 100,000 dollars.”

Catherine snorted in her heart.

Was he saying that he sacrificed billions of dollars for her?

“Forget it. You’re my wife, after all.” Shaun packed the food container. “Come home earlier tonight. I’ll be cooking for you at home.”

“Thanks, but there’s no need. I’ve made an appointment to go to a spa with Charity.”

Shaun frowned and looked back at her. Just as he was about to speak, Catherine cut him off, “I know you want to stop me from hanging out with her again and talk bad about her. I’m sorry, but she’s my friend now. To me, she’s righteous, generous, kind, unpretentious, and has plenty of other good points.”

Shaun wanted to split her head open and give it a shake. “I think she’s brainwashed you. That woman isn’t that simple.”

“I willingly let her brainwash me. Do you have a problem with that?” Catherine smiled vaguely. “Are you going to get your good brothers to mock me again?”

“What do you mean by that?” Shaun frowned.

“Last time, I did nothing more than just ask Shelley to leave. Your good brother, Rodney, was so eager that he came to my company to scold me.” Catherine crossed her arms. Her face was full of sarcasm. “Now that I’m hanging out with Charity, they’ll probably advise you to divorce me.”

Shaun’s gaze darkened.

He did not know about that.

“You should leave. Don’t disturb me anymore. I don’t want to be scolded as a lunatic by your brothers. They might even think that I’m a handful because it’s my honor that you even fell for me. I should be content.”

Catherine flipped through her documents as she spoke.

Shaun’s brows were knitted so tightly that they could even squish a mosquito d**d. He did not know Chester’s thoughts, but Rodney was indeed what Catherine assumed him to be.

He stepped forward and grabbed her wrist.

Catherine raised her head. She saw him taking his phone out and dialing Rodney’s number. He even put the call on loudspeaker.

When the call was connected, Rodney’s voice came through. “Shaun, I was just about to call you. Did Catherine hack your account? Your name ‘Shauncierely Yours’ made me so disgusted that I vomited out my food from last night.”


What did it have to do with her? Why was all the blame on her?

She glared at Shaun angrily. When she saw his handsome face all tense and dark, she strangely wanted to laugh.

“I wasn’t hacked. I changed it myself.” Shaun had the urge to punch him to d***h. “Stop blabbering. Let me ask you, did you come to Hudson Corporation before this and give Catherine trouble?”

“That woman tattled on me? Can she just stop—”

Shaun’s gaze turned colder. “What did you say to her?”

“I didn’t say anything. I can’t remember, but I warned her to stop picking on Shelley and that she shouldn’t think she’s invincible just because she became Mrs. Hill—”

“Rodney Snow…” Shaun clenched his jaw and said word by word, “Catherine and me fighting is our own business. You have no right to say anything about it. Besides, if you’re really worried about Shelley, you can pick her up and take care of her however you want.”


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