Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 484

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“Charity, I’m not staying here in the spa anymore. I just remembered I have something urgent to attend to. I’ll be leaving first.”

Catherine quickly changed her clothes and sped home.

She pushed the door of her manor open. Shaun was sitting on the sofa inside, doing his work.

“Cathy, didn’t you say you were going to a spa? You came back early.” Shaun put down his laptop and stood up. “Have you eaten—”

“Shaun, let me ask you, did you meet Rebecca when you were still in Melbourne after everything happened?” Catherine interrupted him.

“Why are you asking about her?” Shaun’s gaze became grim.

“After Jeffery and Sally went to jail, Rebecca suddenly disappeared. Did you have anything to do with it?” Catherine stared at him.

Shaun frowned. “That’s right. I did give her a lesson. She…”

He suddenly felt a familiar, sharp pain in his head. “What did I do to her? Why can’t I remember?”

Catherine’s heart sank. She thought Shaun’s memory had been excellent all along. “Call Hadley and ask him. He surely knows.”

Shaun called Hadley. “Do you remember what I did with Rebecca Jones?”

“Eldest Young Master Hill, didn’t you make me send her to a remote mountainous area to be someone’s wife?” Hadley was puzzled.

Catherine snatched the phone. “Where’s that village?”

“Don’t worry, Young Madam. Rebecca must have been badly tormented by now. She can never escape out of there for the rest of her life,” Hadley said with certainty.

“Check if she’s still there or not.”

“Young Madam…”

“Just do as I say,” Catherine requested in a firm tone.


Hadley could only agree.

After the call ended, Shaun said in dissatisfaction, “Why are you asking about Rebecca the moment you come back?”

“I’m the one who should be asking you. Why don’t you remember the things that you did before?” Catherine glared at him. “And what’s with your headache?”

“You’re worried about me?” Shaun’s eyes brightened. He reached out his hands and embraced her. “I knew it. You still care about me.”

“Shaun, let go. Who cares about you…” While Catherine was struggling to push him away, she was surprised to see a few needle marks on the back of his hand.

She recalled Hadley saying that Shaun had fainted a few days ago.

“Why did you stop talking?”

Shaun buried his face in her neck, and his mouth felt dry. “Cathy, you have a milky scent on your body. You smell nice…”

Catherine blushed. She smelled good because she just had a milk bath.

However, they were still in a quarrel. How could he want to take advantage of her? He could dream on!

She pushed him away and took a few steps back. “Your Shelley has this milky scent too. I met her and her friends who were coincidentally bathing next door at the spa. She said herself that Eldest Young Master Hill gave her a gold card to spend however she wanted to.”

Shaun frowned subconsciously. “I never gave her a gold card. Shelley wouldn’t say such things either.”

“What do you mean? You think I’m accusing her?” Catherine almost died from frustration.

Shaun stiffened.

Usually, with his status, he would just speak bluntly. However, he had experienced that talking carelessly would only bring trouble. “Okay, you didn’t accuse her. It’s all my fault.”


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