Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 485

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 485

“Get lost, Shaun.”

Catherine knew he was trying to fool her. She kicked him angrily and went upstairs in a fury.

Shaun pressed his legs together and grimaced before following her upstairs.

When she reached upstairs, Catherine prepared to bathe. She opened the closet and discovered lots of men’s clothing and even men’s underwear inside.

Her head was in pain from anger. “Shaun, who let you put these here?!”

“I’ll definitely need a change of clothes since I’ve moved in here.”

Shaun stood behind her and said it like a matter of course.

Catherine picked his clothes up, wanting to throw them on the floor. Just then, Shaun said without a care, “You can throw them out. I’ll just ask Hadley to send new clothes over tomorrow.”


She could only surrender to his shameless behavior. “Fine, I agree to let you move in. But can you please stay in the room next door?”

“No.” Shaun blinked his black eyes. “The reason I moved here is to sleep in the same room as you. Move to the other room? I’m not a fool.”


F*ck. He was the one who trespassed on her private property, yet he was taking it as though he was the owner of this place.

Catherine was afraid that she would d*e from anger if she continued to talk to him, so she went to bathe.

When she came out of the shower, she saw Shaun holding a mop. He was mopping the dining area.

His movements were so clumsy that it seemed like he was holding a mop for the first time.

Catherine hid the confusion she felt in her heart. She turned around and put the clothes into the washing machine on the balcony.

When she was done, Shaun was mopping the living room now.

Ten minutes later, she went downstairs to grab some yogurt from the fridge. She saw Shaun mopping the dining area again.

She frowned. “That’s enough. I know that you’re mopping the floor. You don’t have to keep mopping the dining area.”

“When was I mopping the dining area?” Shaun suppressed his distress and said, “I haven’t mopped the dining area yet.”

“Shaun, you’re lying through your teeth now.” Catherine was speechless.

“What did I say wrong?” Shaun looked aggrieved.

With his handsome features, she had to say it was really easy for him to make women’s hearts melt when he put on an aggrieved look.

Catherine calmed down and tried hard to study his expression. It seemed like he was not pretending.

At that moment, she recalled when she had asked him about Rebecca earlier. He could not even remember what he did before.

He would even have a headache and faint now.

He did not have those symptoms before.

Her heart skipped a beat.

“Fine, forget I said anything.”

She turned around and went upstairs. She even locked the door deliberately.

In less than half an hour, Shaun easily opened the door and came in.

Catherine, who had taken her nightwear off, was applying body lotion. When she heard the noise, she screamed and put on her clothes immediately. However, she could not find the sleeves as she was too frantic. Large areas of her body were still exposed.

Shaun did not have any thoughts at first, but her actions made him feel hot.

“Your sleeves are inside.” Shaun went forward and held her exposed shoulder with one hand while tugging her sleeves out with another hand.

Catherine, who finally managed to put her arms into the sleeves, saw his narrowed and intense eyes. She was embarrassed and angry. “Shaun, how exactly do you enter my room again and again?”

“This…” Shaun showed her a key in his hand. “This is a key that can unlock everything.”


She was about to faint. This kind of thing actually existed!

Catherine wanted to snatch it, but Shaun was even faster and quickly kept it away. She could not break her momentum and fell into his chest.

“Be good, sleep.” Shaun hugged her.

Catherine struggled to get out of his embrace but failed. Without thinking, she bit down hard into his shoulder.


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