Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 488

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Catherine smiled and nodded. “Oh, I know. The name Shaunarah also wasn’t thought of by you, but it was Chester’s idea. You also didn’t mean to call out Sarah’s name in your dream. It was Sarah who messed with you from the other world.”

Shaun, “…”

As a lawyer, it was the first time he experienced the feeling of being unable to defend himself.

After the car arrived at the hospital, Catherine said unceremoniously, “Hurry up and go. I have to go to the company for a meeting.”

Shaun originally wanted to shamelessly invite her in to accompany him, but he pursed his lips powerlessly and finally went out of the car without saying a word.

Catherine started the car and left.

She did not want to become soft-hearted just because Shaun was acting pitiful.

Who would sympathize with her when she was sad and suffering, then?

The hospital was very crowded in the morning, and she was stuck in the pile-up before she reached the entrance.

She glanced out of the window casually and suddenly saw Shelley Langley wearing a long blue floral dress. Her long hair fluttered as she held a bunch of flowers in her hand.

He said Shelley had left, but she rushed here just to send him flowers.

A cold look flashed in Catherine’s eyes.

An idea suddenly came to mind.

She called Hadley. “Which ward are you in?”

“Young Madam, are you coming?” Hadley was pleasantly surprised.


“Floor 5, VIP6 ward.”

After Hadley ended the call upstairs, he turned to see Shaun’s burning eyes.

“She’s coming?”

“Yes.” Hadley laughed. “It seems that although Young Madam’s words are cold, she still can’t let you go in her heart.”

The corners of Shaun’s mouth curled deeply. His charming and s**y looks almost made the nurse go blind.

“Do it later.” Shaun suddenly withdrew his hand. “Inject me with the needle when you hear a knock on the door, but don’t do it so accurately. Make it bleed more. The more shocking the sight, the better.”


The nurse was dumbfounded.

She never thought that the most unattainable young bachelor of the country would use such a childish tactic of harming himself to gain sympathy. It simply changed her perception of him.

Five minutes later, a knock sounded.

The nurse shuddered and pierced him with the needle, causing blood to flow out.

Shaun bit his slightly pale lip. A fragile and stoic look was revealed on his handsome and delicate profile. Although he was in pain, he still looked majestic.

The nurse’s heart almost melted. Eldest Young Master Hill was such a great actor. He could steal the hearts of young girls and even old women. He could make them want nothing more than to protect him in their arms.

At that moment, Hadley opened the door and Shelley, who came in with fresh flowers, instantly turned pale. “Eldest Young Master Hill, why are you bleeding so much?”

Shaun’s expression could not help but stiffen.

Shelley rushed over and pushed the nurse away, accusing her with red eyes, “Do you even know how to do your job? Eldest Young Master Hill’s hand was hurt by you!”

The nurse stuttered, “I…”

“Eldest Young Master Hill, let me.” Shelley quickly took a cotton swab from the tray to press on his bleeding wound.

Shaun wanted to pull back, but Shelley clung to him. “Eldest Young Master Hill, don’t move. It’ll swell up. Is it painful? I’ll blow it for you…”

Catherine walked in at that moment.

She originally did not want to be angry, but once she entered, she saw the nurse standing at the side while Shelley was holding Shaun’s hand. Her lips were almost pressed on the back of his hand.

When she thought of how she almost believed that there was nothing between Shelley and him, she wanted nothing more than to slap herself twice.


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