Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 490

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“Yes, twins, but it’s precisely because they’re twins that it’s even harder to keep them,” the doctor said in exasperation, “You adults need to pay more attention. If the accident hadn’t happened in the hospital today and she didn’t get medical treatment in time, the fetuses would’ve surely been lost. Whether or not her m*********e can be prevented will depend on how things progress later.”

“Thank you, doctor.”

Shaun suddenly felt a burst of fear.

He and Catherine had been ready to have a child together, but nothing had happened between them ever since Shelley appeared. Furthermore, the doctor in Melbourne had also said that it would be difficult for her to conceive with her body’s condition, so never thought much about it.

However, she was actually carrying his babies now.

They were twins.

However, the d**n thing was that the babies might be lost.

He felt like he had fallen from heaven to the ground.

“Rodney Snow!” Shaun punched Rodney’s face in anger.

“How would I know that she’s pregnant?” Rodney was also a bit annoyed but refused to admit his fault. “It was her fault for not noticing that she’s pregnant and going around hitting other people like a madwoman. It’s her own fault!”

“Get out!” Shaun kicked him fiercely. “Take Shelley Langley with you and scram! I’m begging you not to come to the hospital to see me anymore, okay?”

After all, they had been friends for many years. He did not want to have them kicked out of the hospital.

“Fine, we won’t come anymore. Let’s go.”

Rodney pulled Shelley along and left.

Shelley lowered her head as a look of annoyance flashed in her eyes.

She never expected Catherine to be pregnant, and with twins too. Why was she so lucky? The babies must not be allowed to exist!

When Catherine was pushed out of the emergency room, she was still bewildered.

How did she get pregnant? She was even carrying twins.

If it were in the past, she would have been happy, but now… she had mixed feelings in her heart.

After all, they were her own flesh and blood—her children. She liked them and wanted them, but this would only cause her to be more entangled with Shaun, right?

“Cathy, don’t worry. Our children will be saved.” Shaun’s upset face immediately appeared in front of her. At that moment, his face was full of joy. “You’re really amazing. It’s the first time and you’re giving me twins. Babe, you’re the best.”

“Can you leave? I get annoyed just looking at you.” Catherine felt uncomfortable and was quick to become angry.

“I can’t. You’re the children’s mother, so I have to take good care of you.” Shaun was not angry at all. “Nurse, please push her to my ward. I’ll take care of her myself.”

“I don’t want to.” Catherine glared at him. “Unless you want to p**s me off to the point of m*********e.”

The doctor could not help but remind him, “Eldest Young Master Hill, you shouldn’t agitate pregnant women. The most important thing now is to let her be calm. Be reasonable and pay attention to her meals. Let her nurture the fetuses with peace of mind.”

“Okay, then put her in the ward next to mine. This is my biggest concession,” Shaun thought about it and spoke.

Catherine wanted nothing more than to stay as far away from him as possible, but everyone in the hospital would obediently listen to Shaun, so she was soon assigned to Ward 6.

Aunty Yasmine was also arranged to take care of her. “Young Madam, congratulations! I’m good at cooking nutritious meals. I’ll make sure that you give birth to two healthy babies safely, Young Madam.”

“Oh, it’s best if they’re a boy and a girl, but two girls sound good too.” Shaun smiled cheerily. “I like daughters better. Sons are just okay.”

“Haha, with Eldest Young Master and Young Madam’s looks, no matter if they’re boys or girls, they’ll look very beautiful,” Aunty Yasmine echoed.

“Yes, I think so too.”


Listening to them chatting, Catherine could not stand it and said, “Shaun Hill, can you get out? Didn’t you need to get put on an IV drip?”


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