Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 492

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“You won’t leave me with nothing? You’ll give me some money? When we first got married, you clearly told me that I wouldn’t get a single dime.” Catherine laughed.

Harvey was shocked and sneaked a look at Shaun. He thought that Eldest Young Master Hill was a magnificent lover, but holy c**p! It turned out that he was even worse than the scumbags outside. He was the richest man in the country yet he refused to give a dime as alimony.

That was too stingy.

Shaun felt the man’s disdain toward him and his expression instantly went dark. He took out his wallet from his back pocket and threw it at her. “Fine, I’ll give you all my money from now on, okay?”

“No thank you. There are only a few men who put money in their cards these days. Most of them use the money for investments.” Catherine did not even glance at him.

Shaun could not win against her and could only say to Harvey, “Give those documents to me. I’ll handle them.”

Right at that moment, Hadley staggered when he heard the words. Enough was enough. Shaun said he did not have time to deal with his own company’s affairs, yet he had all the time to meddle in another company’s matters.

‘Eldest Young Master Hill, you’re acting more and more henpecked!’

Shaun took the documents and found a place on the sofa to read through them carefully.

Aunty Yasmine came in with fruits and was surprised. “Eldest Young Master Hill, are you done with the IV drip? It usually takes at least four hours.”

Hadley said helplessly, “Eldest Young Master Hill used the biggest needle and finished it in two and a half hours in order to accompany Young Madam.”

Aunty Yasmine, “…”

Catherine silently watched the speed of her own IV drip. This one was just a little faster, but the pain was already unbearable. If he used the largest needle, the flow would be akin to a steady release of water. Extraordinary!

Due to Shaun’s formidable aura, everyone silently went out of the ward to avoid him.

Ten minutes later, Catherine moved her body and got ready to get out of bed. Shaun immediately got up. “Don’t move. The doctor said you should stay in bed.”

“I have to go to the toilet.” Catherine snapped. “The doctor just told me to move less.”

“Don’t nag. I’ll carry you if you want to go.” Shaun said nothing more and picked her up. He placed her down on the toilet, even forcibly taking off her gown.

Catherine’s whole face was red with anger. “Cut it out. My hands aren’t disabled.”

“The doctor said you have to be calm…”

“Sorry, but I can’t be calm when you’re around.”

“Be good. The book said that when a woman is pregnant, the father-to-be should care for the mother and comfort her. If I leave you alone, you’ll definitely have wild thoughts.” Shaun coaxed her gently and patiently.

“That’s enough. I won’t do anything like that.”

“The book said that women never mean what they say.”


Catherine almost died from aggravation. What kind of stupid book was he reading? “Stand outside or I can’t go.”

Shaun could only go outside and wait at the door.

When Catherine got up, she found that the pad was d***y and needed to be replaced with a new one, but all the new ones were outside.

She bit her lip and said to the man outside with a low voice, “Shaun Hill, help me get a pad. You can call Aunty Yasmine over too.”

“No need.”

Shaun opened the drawer and quickly found the pads.

He opened one up and studied it for a while. He quickly figured out the correct way to use it.

After opening the door, Catherine held her hand out.

“Stand up. I’ll put it on for you,” Shaun said, “You’ll have to bend over when you put it. It’s not good for the baby.”

“I can’t even bend my waist now that I’m pregnant?”