Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 494

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“Alright, Shaun, calm down. Doctor Lyles is already the best expert in this field in the country,” Chester spoke up.

“How am I supposed to calm down? I couldn’t even b****y remember that my wife is pregnant. Is it possible that I won’t recognize my wife tomorrow?” Shaun’s face showed his irritation.

Doctor Lyles’ lips moved but he did not say anything for a long time.

Even so, Shaun could guess that he was right.

He sat up angrily and smashed the items on the bedside table.

“Shaun, calm down.” Chester and Doctor Lyles came forward to try and stop him, but Shaun pushed them away.

Catherine bit her lip and went forward. “Shaun Hill, are you trying to scare the two children in my belly?”

Shaun froze and looked at her stomach, curling his fists in pain. “I’m sick. Maybe I wouldn’t even recognize them if they stood in front of me in the future.”

“That won’t happen. I’ve already gotten news about Nyasia abroad. As long as we find her, I have a way for her to cure you.” Chester patted his shoulder. “As far as I know, there’s no disease that Nyasia can’t cure.”

Shaun’s eyes dimmed. This might be his only hope. “Cathy, don’t mind me. Go to bed and rest.”

Catherine nodded and went back to her ward. Chester came over not long after. “Catherine, I know that you’re very dissatisfied with Shaun now, but you’re aware of his current condition as well. I hope you’ll stop quarreling with Shaun for the time being. It’s both for him and for the sake of the children.”

“You’re going to say that I can influence his mood and that his deteriorating condition has something to do with me, right?” Catherine subconsciously felt conflicted by how this man was pinning Shaun’s illness on her. It was as though he was asking her to bear with it even though she was wronged.

Chester wiped his glasses in exasperation. “Shaun’s illness really did deteriorate sharply when divorcing you.”

“But why do I feel that it began to deteriorate after Shelley Langley appeared?” Catherine said faintly.

Chester frowned. “You don’t have to pin this on Shelley at this time.”

“I really don’t understand why you’re all defending her. Is it just because she’s Sarah Langley’s cousin? You could even break up with Charity Neeson because of Sarah.”

Chester’s gentle face suddenly went cold. “What did Charity say to you? Me breaking up with her has nothing to do with anyone. I was just… simply disgusted with her…”

Catherine looked at the door behind him and felt awkward. “Charity…”

Chester turned around and saw Charity dressed in a black professional suit. The suit hugged and outlined her slender waist. She was carrying fruits and supplements in her hands. Her dark hair was tied up, and her face was frosty.

Their eyes met, and Charity sneered. “What a coincidence. I’m also disgusted with you. Fortunately, we broke up early. Otherwise, I’d be worried about getting an STD.”

Chester’s expression darkened and he turned back to warn Catherine, “Remember what I told you. Don’t provoke Shaun. Otherwise, I can always get Doctor Angelo to leave your dad be.”

Catherine’s eyes flashed as she lowered her head, clenching the blanket hard.

Chester turned away and headed to the door, fiercely bumping into Charity’s shoulder.

Charity stumbled and cursed at him, “Chester Jewell, how shameless do you have to be to threaten a woman?!”

“Mind your own business, or don’t blame me for throwing you into the water again.” Chester left with a straight face.

Charity gritted her teeth. “What a bunch of brainless scumbags!”

Catherine was already quite angry and suddenly laughed when she heard Charity’s curse. “They’re not brainless. They’re just dancing in Shelley Langley’s palm.”

Catherine stayed at the hospital for six days.

The day before she was ready to be discharged, Old Madam Hill called Shaun.


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