Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 495

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“Are you in the manor today? The grapes in the residence are ripe, so I’ll send some over to you and check on you as well. It’s not like you’ll come see an old woman like me if I don’t go to you first.”

“Grapes are good. If a pregnant woman eats more grapes, maybe the babies will have bigger eyes in the future,” Shaun mused thoughtfully.

“What… What did you say?” Old Madam Hill stuttered in shock.

“It’s exactly what it sounds like. I’m going to be a father.” The corners of Shaun’s mouth curled up. His tone was as delighted as it could be as he continued, “They’re twins.”

“Shaun Hill, why didn’t you announce such important news before now?” Old Madam Hill’s voice almost deafened him.

Twins! Oh, God!

The Hill family had never had twins before.

Old Master Hill, who was reading the newspaper with his presbyopic glasses, also sat up and perked up his ears.

“Why should I tell you? I thought you didn’t like Catherine.” Shaun crossed his legs. “If I told you earlier, you’d just make her suffer again.”


The old madam felt her heart hurt at being called out like that. “I… That was in the past. If she’s pregnant with twins, of course, I’ll provide for her properly. You’re in the manor now, right? I’ll come over right away…”

“She’s not there.” Shaun suddenly faltered. “She’s in the hospital. Her fetuses almost got injured.”

“What? How could that be? Are my precious great-grandchildren okay? How could she be so inattentive when she’s already a mother…”

“No, it’s not her fault. It was caused by my carelessness,” Shaun replied vaguely.

“You useless thing. I’ll be right over.”

Old Madam Hill hung up the phone. Less than 40 minutes later, Old Master Hill and her appeared in the hospital at the same time.

The appearance of the two elders gave Catherine a fright.

After all, she had met with Old Madam Hill only twice and Old Master Hill once. Each time, they had never looked happy to see her.

Now, as soon as they walked in, their faces were full of amiable smiles. It made her feel very strange.

“Grandpa, Grandma…”

Catherine moved, but Old Master Hill immediately said in a grave voice, “Don’t move. The children in your belly are more important.”

Catherine, “…”

Well, she had already expected this.

“Grandpa, Cathy is equally important,” Shaun interrupted, disgruntled.

Old Madam Hill immediately glared at him. “If you know she’s important, why did you make her so agitated that her fetuses were harmed?”

Shaun frowned but was obedient and did not refute.

When the two elders saw this, Old Master Hill knocked his cane heavily. “Ridiculous. You young people have no sense of propriety. How could you be as passionate as before when she’s already pregnant?”

Shaun and Catherine froze at the same time. That sentence sounded somewhat off.

Then, Old Madam Hill said earnestly, “I understand that you’re newlyweds and can’t help it, but you still have to consider the children in her belly. You can’t sleep together for the time being, or you’ll end up harming the children.”


When Catherine finally reacted, her face instantly turned red.

Did they think that her fetuses were affected because she had slept with Shaun?

Oh, God.

Shaun’s face also darkened. He could not understand how the two elders came to this conclusion at all. “No, Grandma. We—”

“Enough, don’t say it. When you’re discharged tomorrow, come back with me and live at the manor. I’ll ask for the best chef to nurse her body back to health. Also, the air at the manor is good and is suitable for pregnant ladies to nurture their babies.”

Old Madam Hill interrupted them, “I’ll only rest assured if I can see you two sleeping in separate rooms.”

“I’m not going.” Shaun refused flatly.


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