Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 497

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 497

Valerie hated Catherine. It was all Catherine’s fault that Shaun removed her from the position of director-general of Hill Corporation after he took office, causing her to be reduced to an unauthorized person.

Her teeth ached in hatred every time she thought of Catherine Jones.

“Aunty, why can’t I be here? I’m Shaun’s wife.” Catherine raised a brow and smiled.

“Bah, don’t call me ‘Aunty’! You’re not worthy. You only make me sick.” Valerie became agitated.

“That’s right, you’re just an illegitimate daughter. We don’t acknowledge you at all.” Queenie also looked down on her.

“Don’t upset me,” Catherine said softly, not sounding threatening at all.

Valerie laughed at that. “So what if I upset you? So what if I hit you?”

She raised her hand as she spoke, but Queenie quickly grabbed her. “Mom, Grandma…”

Valerie stopped and turned to look, only to see Old Madam Hill walking over. She was quite far away, so Valerie could not make out her expression. Even so, Valerie was full of disbelief. “So what if your grandma is coming? She’s also disgusted with this shameless b*tch.”

She swung her hand down as she finished talking, but Catherine caught it.

Valerie forcefully shook her off, and Catherine stumbled back a few steps.

Old Madam Hill, who was not far away now, suffered a fright.

“My dear child, are you okay?” Old Madam Hill was anxious and quickly rushed over.

Valerie smirked. “Mom, I’m fine…”

Before she could finish, Old Madam Hill anxiously supported Catherine, holding her as if she was afraid that Catherine would break with a touch.

“Grandma, you…” Queenie’s mouth opened wide in disbelief at what was happening in front of her eyes. The old madam actually called Catherine her ‘dear child’. That had to be wrong, right?

“Grandma, I’m fine.” Catherine’s brows seemed to wrinkle uncomfortably as she touched her stomach. “But I’m worried that I won’t be able to give birth safely if I continue to live here.”

“You’re pregnant?” Valerie was dumbfounded.

“Shut up!” Old Madam Hill glared at her angrily. “You’re causing trouble as soon as you come back. How did I give birth to such a useless daughter like you? If anything happens to my precious great-grandchildren, I’ll never forgive you.”

Valerie stomped her feet in anger. “Mom, the child in her belly might be fake. No identification has been done yet. She also had a boyfriend before. The child might not even be Shaun’s.”

Catherine suddenly looked up with cold eyes. “Aunty, don’t worry. Shaun isn’t stupid enough to not know if the child isn’t his. As for you, I really don’t understand. I’m an orphan who came to Canberra and there are no grudges between us, but you’re always targeting me. The first time, you deliberately got someone to bring me to the hot spring Willie Hill was soaking in. Then, you brought Nicola and the others to try and catch us in the act so that my reputation would be ruined. The second time, you even d********d me. I’ve already forgiven you, but you’re as overbearing and aggressive as usual. Just what have I ever done to you?”

Old Madam Hill was shocked. It was no wonder Catherine went missing the first time she came here. Back then, she had even blamed Catherine for running about, but it turned out that it was all Valerie’s fault.

“Valerie, you’ve become so vicious and unrepentant.” Old Madam Hill was very disappointed in her.

“Mom, don’t forget that it’s her fault Shaun dismissed me from my position as director-general and reduced me to a loafer. In the past, I used to be treated with respect, but now, everyone only curries favor with Nicola and no longer pays me any attention,” Valerie complained.

“Shaun dismissed you from your position because you’re unqualified.”

Old Madam Hill was completely disappointed in her children after Shaun lectured her last time. “You even let Nicola Wicks help you falsify your performance. If he were to let you continue working, you’d only ruin the company.”

“Mom, you’re only helping her because she’s pregnant.” Valerie’s eyes were red with anger.

Old Madam Hill shook her head. “Enough, stop it. As the saying goes, it’s fine to do wrong, but one must know how to repent. Not only did you not repent, but your intention to harm Catherine even grew. I can tell that your heart is vicious. It’s also my fault for not educating you well. Now that Catherine will be raising the babies here, you’re not allowed to come to the manor without my permission in the future.”

Valerie was stunned. “Mom, I grew up in this manor.”


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