Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 504

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Charity’s heart warmed. “I’ll try one more time. If I can’t get the microchip, then I’ll sell the company. After that, our family can leave Canberra…”

Just as she spoke, a large group of policemen suddenly burst in.

“Ms. Neeson, the police have found evidence of your involvement in a m****r case. You’re officially under arrest.”

An officer immediately handcuffed her.

Charity was dumbfounded. “What m****r case? I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Shelley Langley is d**d. You told Gale and Wayne to set her on fire. They’ve already confessed.”

Charity’s brain buzzed. “That’s impossible. Gale and Wayne are my men, but I never told them to do that.”

“All criminals never admit their crimes at first, but we already have definitive proof.” Without saying another word, the officer pushed Charity out the door.

“That’s impossible. My daughter would never k**l someone!” Boris rushed up and tugged at the officer.

The man pushed him away. “Not only did your daughter k**l someone, but she’s also a horrible person. She’ll rot in jail for the rest of her life.”

Boris collapsed on the ground. His entire person instantly turned purple due to excessive stimulation.

“Dear!” Jennifer hurriedly dialed for an ambulance in fright.

The Neeson family was crumbling.

The servants watched with their own eyes as the Neeson family, which had been quiet and warm for several years, disappeared like smoke.

Catherine’s left eyelid had been twitching for two days.

She had found evidence that Shelley Langley was a fake, so Shaun must have investigated the matter.

However, he had not returned to the manor these days, and she could not reach him by phone either.

Furthermore, she could not get through Charity’s phone as well.

The feeling of unease got stronger and stronger.

At that moment, Freya called her. “D**n it, I’m going to d*e of anger! That bstard Rodney Snow actually told the general manager of Osher to fire me. He’s insane. His head must be full of sht!”

“What happened? Didn’t you sign a contract?”

Yeah, I signed a five-year contract with them and there’s a batch of products in development that are ready for release in the second half of the year. But now that I’m gone, those products will probably have to be scrapped. Osher will lose a lot of money, but they’d rather lose the money and fire me anyway. They even asked the industry to blacklist me. I really… don’t know what I did wrong.”

Freya choked up as she spoke.

Catherine was shocked.

It was bad enough that Freya was fired, but blacklisting her from the industry was clearly to destroy her.

What kind of deep hatred did Rodney Snow have with Freya for him to do that?

“Take it easy. I’ll ask Shaun about the situation,” Catherine said anxiously.

“Okay. By the way, have you been able to contact Charity lately? I wanted to call her out for a drink but I couldn’t reach her.” Freya said in a depressed voice.

“You can’t reach her either?”

“Yeah, you too? Oh, f*ck, did something happen to her?” Freya asked nervously.

“You go to the Neeson family and ask about it.”

Catherine’s sense of unease was getting stronger and stronger.

Freya was blacklisted from the industry, and Charity could not be reached.


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