Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 505

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That was too coincidental.

After hanging up, Catherine still could not get through to Shaun, so she finally called Hadley.

Hadley finally picked up after it rang for a long time. “Young Madam, is something wrong?”

“Why isn’t Shaun picking up my calls?”

“Eldest Young Master Hill is… in a meeting.”

“Then what about yesterday, and the day before yesterday? He hasn’t been answering my calls,” Catherine said in annoyance, “I don’t care. Tell him to come back to the manor by evening, or… Or I’ll go to him instead.”

“Young Madam, please don’t force me. Eldest Young Master Hill is busy…”

“What is he so busy with that he hasn’t been home for days and doesn’t pick up my calls? Or maybe he has another woman by his side now?” Catherine laughed coldly. “Did a person who looks like Sarah Langley appear again?”

“… No, I’ll inform Eldest Young Master Hill,” Hadley, feeling a headache coming on.

At 2:00 p.m., Catherine received a call from Freya again. “It’s over. Something really did happen to Charity. She was arrested by the police. They said she got people to k**l Shelley Langley. Her father suffered a heart attack and was sent to the hospital. Her mother is looking for help everywhere but no one is willing to help her. Rumor has it that the Hill, Jewell, and Snow families personally gave an order. Whoever dares to save Charity Neeson is going against them.”

“How could that be?” Catherine felt like her brain might explode. “Shelley Langley is d**d?”

“Yeah. They must be crazy. Shelley Langley is Rebecca Jones, so what if she’s d**d? What has it got to do with Charity?” Freya said, “I’m in the hospital with her parents now. They’re so pitiful. All their relatives are avoiding them, and all their servants have run away too. Neeson Corporation is also going out of business.”

“I’ll go look for Shaun.”

Catherine’s head was numb. She could not wait until nighttime.

She drove straight to the gates, but the doorman refused to open the gates for her.

“Young Madam, you can’t go out alone without the old madam and old master’s permission.” The doorman looked at a loss.

“Enough. I have to go out today. I’m going to find Shaun.” Catherine no longer had any patience. “If you don’t open the gates, I’ll crash into them.”

“Don’t! Calm down.” The doorman was at his wit’s end when a black Bentley sedan drove over.

Shaun stepped out from inside the vehicle, his tailored black suit setting off his cold aura.

“Eldest Young Master Hill, you’re just in time. Young Madam wants to see you.” The doorman acted like he had seen his savior.

Catherine sat in the sports car gripping the steering wheel. When Shaun walked over to the car window, he saw the woman inside still wearing pink pajamas. During this period of time, the kitchen and servants had been serving her nutritious food and drinks, so her skin had become more delicate than ever.

“I’m back. Let’s go in.” Shaun opened the door and carried her down from the car.

“Shaun Hill, let me go! I want to ask you just how Charity k****d Shelley Langley? She couldn’t have done it. She’s being framed. Does the Hill, Jewell, and Snow families have to be this ruthless and strike against a weak woman?”

Shaun remained silent and carried her to the building, putting her gently on the sofa.

“Shaun, did you hear what I just said? Why did Rodney blacklist Freya from the industry? They’re all my friends. What did they do wrong?”

Catherine could not help but stand up. “What about Shelley Langley? I told you that she’s Rebecca Jones. What else do you need to check?”

“Stop it.”

Shaun’s handsome face showed some coldness. “You’ve been tricked by Charity Neeson from the very beginning.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about…”


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