Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 506

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“See it for yourself.” Shaun stuffed two reports into her hands. “One of them is hair identification, whereas the other one is Shelley’s corpse identification. All these prove that she’s a member of the Langley family. The forensic doctor has examined her face and found that she has never undergone plastic surgery. She’s the real Shelley. Charity has been lying to you.”

Catherine immediately flipped through the reports. The second she caught sight of the words written above, her head nearly exploded.

“This is impossible. Charity couldn’t have lied to me.” She shook her head in disbelief.

“I think you’ve been brainwashed by her. How long have you known her? And how long have you known me? Why would you rather believe in Charity than me? I’ve long since told you that the woman is not a good person.”

Her stubborn character began to make Shaun seethe with anger. “I listened to you and locked Shelley up, but Charity later instructed someone to set fire to the house and b**n Shelley to d***h. The person who set the fire has been identified, and it was someone who acted on Charity’s instructions.”


Catherine retreated and almost sank into the couch.

Shaun swiftly held her waist and warned her dully, “Watch out, Catherine. You’re pregnant now…”

Before he could finish speaking, she pushed him away. “I’m sure Shelley is Rebecca. When I met her the first time, I found her very familiar…”

“Drop it. You’re just jealous of Shelley, that’s why you’re making all kinds of excuses to support your claim that she’s Rebecca.”

Shaun’s grim eyes revealed a sense of despair. “Why don’t you believe me? If you’d been sensible, you wouldn’t have been overcome by jealousy and tricked by Charity. Now that Shelley is d**d, her parents have lost a daughter. Don’t you feel an ounce of guilt?”

“Is this how you see me?”

Catherine fell into a state of utter dejection. “Why don’t you believe me, then? This matter isn’t as simple as it seems. Also, what has Freya done?”

“She didn’t do anything. You asked her to help with the DNA paternity test, and her actions consequently offended Rodney,” Shaun replied indifferently, “You should feel lucky to have me defending you. Otherwise, Rodney wouldn’t have let you off the hook. He would’ve gone all out to ruin Hudson Corporation.”

A dazed look crossed Catherine’s face.

Did this mean that Freya was blacklisted just because she had offended Rodney?

In this case, Catherine had to thank Shaun, right?

She looked up with her eyes settled on Shaun’s handsome, stony face.

When did these people like Shaun and Rodney begin to think that they could randomly ruin someone with their noble statuses?

“It’s my fault,” Catherine suddenly mumbled with red eyes. “I shouldn’t have attended the press conference held by Shaunarah on your behalf.”

If the press conference had not happened, Shaun would not have been the wealthiest man in Australia again and in turn, targeted her friends.

“Catherine, do you know what you’re saying?” Shaun was infuriated by her attitude. How dare she regret helping him for the sake of those people?!

Were Charity and Freya comparable to him?

He was her husband.

“Under what circumstances will you let Charity and Freya off the hook? They’re my friends.”

She bawled at him with tears uncontrollably welling in her eyes.

She had known Freya since middle school.

Freya had been by her side despite the hardships she experienced throughout these years.

“I won’t help.”

Shaun did not feel like arguing with Catherine anymore. He turned around and left.


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