Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 507

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“I hate you, Shaun.” Catherine burst into tears.

“Have a good rest. Don’t return to the office for now. I’ll handle everything related to Hudson Corporation on your behalf until you give birth to the two children.”

Shaun had no choice but to say that reluctantly as he could not bear seeing her weep.

With that, he turned on his heel and walked toward the gates.


Catherine wanted to go after him, yet Hadley blocked her helplessly. “Young Madam Hill, you’d better stop arguing with Eldest Young Master Hill. Because of you, his relationship with Young Master Snow has turned sour lately. Shelley’s parents even came to criticize Eldest Young Master Hill for their daughter’s d***h, which has caused him distress.”

Catherine stopped walking and asked incredulously, “Hadley, is the d**d body really Shelley’s?”

“Yeah. The doctors who conducted the forensic examination and DNA test work for us, so the results can’t possibly be wrong. You were indeed mistaken, Young Madam Hill.”


Was she really mistaken?

Other people were claiming that Charity had been lying to her.

Catherine herself felt that Shelley looked familiar, especially her eyes.

Why did the reports that Shaun received manage to prove that she was the real Shelley?

Could it be that Rebecca, who was pretending to be Shelley, brought the real Shelley back after learning that Catherine had found out the truth? After all, if Rebecca were to impersonate Shelley, Shelley should be with her.

Catherine’s heart did a flip.

The more Catherine thought about it, the more she deemed it possible. She gave Freya a call right away. “When you did the DNA test, did you bump into anyone? Was the matter exposed?”

“You asked me to be careful. Naturally, I didn’t reveal it to anyone, except when it came to getting Jeffery’s hair. I asked my brother for help with that. Having said that, you know my brother’s character, don’t you?”

Catherine furrowed her brows. Of course, she trusted Forrest. “Did anyone spot you at the forensic department, like anyone who used to be close to Rebecca?”

“I don’t think so… When I collected the report in the hospital, I bumped into the shameless couple, Patrick and Linda. Patrick happened to feel unwell that day, so Linda kept him company.”


Catherine mumbled the name, “She’s quite possibly the one who did it. Rebecca was friends with a lot of rich young ladies in Melbourne back then. What’s more, the Shelby family has quite a high status in Melbourne. Linda even attended Ethan and Rebecca’s wedding before this.”

“Are you suspecting Linda?” Freya was stunned.

“Ask your brother to find out whether Linda received any calls from Canberra on the day you met her.”

Catherine told Freya what had happened lately, which left her in astonishment. “You suspect that Rebecca found out about it, which is why you’re planning to beat her at her own game?”

“Yup. The person behind this incident has made all of us fall into her trap. Because of her, my relationship with Shaun is beginning to crack. She has also caused Shaun and Rodney’s relationship to turn sour. Even the Neeson family is now in a tight corner while Charity is in jail.”

“Charity is the one suffering the most. She might be stuck in jail forever despite not having done anything,” Freya murmured, “It’d better not be Linda, or I’ll k**l her for sure.”

“By the way, Rebecca has made a cunning getaway. I have no idea where she has gone,” Catherine said with a bitter smile.

“What a b*stard.”

Freya went mad.

After hanging up, she quickly booked the earliest flight back to Melbourne.

As soon as the plane landed, she received Linda’s phone record from Forrest.

Soon, Freya found the call which Linda received from Canberra that day. The call was made shortly after she came across Linda that morning when she collected the report from the hospital.


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