Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 508

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The call lasted a few minutes.

Anyway, everything was in line with Catherine’s expectations.

It was Linda who had told Rebecca about the matter.

It was Linda who let Rebecca go and jailed Charity.

Standing at the airport, Freya felt dizzy.

She directly headed to Patrick’s company without even knowing how she hailed the taxi.

Linda had been working in his company during this time.

Freya immediately dashed upstairs after she arrived. Linda, who was dressed elegantly, was stunned the minute she caught sight of her. “Freya, what brings you here? Are you looking for Pat—”

“I’m looking for you.” Freya slapped both sides of Linda’s face right away.

She had long since wanted to do so, but she had told herself that Patrick, that b*stard, was not worth the effort.

However, now…

Because of Linda, Charity went to jail.

Because of Linda, Shaun misunderstood Catherine.

Because of Linda, Rodney blacklisted her.

“Linda, I can tolerate you doing anything else, but you shouldn’t have been in touch with Rebecca. What on earth did you tell her? You’ve put us in a tight corner!”

Considering her petite figure, Linda clearly could not attack Freya back. Soon, her face became swollen.

Fortunately, some people in the company came to drag Freya out. Everyone knew that Freya was previously Patrick’s girlfriend, so they did not dare to drag her forcefully. In the end, it turned out that Linda was completely defeated.

“Let go of me, Freya! I haven’t the faintest idea what you’re saying.” Linda felt as if her scalp was going to peel off soon.

“Stop pretending in front of me. Show me your phone and we’ll make everything clear. I’m sure you’re often in touch with Rebecca through WhatsApp.”

When Freya lifted her leg to kick Linda, Patrick’s voice sounded behind her all of a sudden.

“What the h**l are you doing, Freya?” He hauled her off.

It caught her completely off guard. Consequently, she fell to the ground.

Patrick promptly pulled Linda up. With unkempt hair and a swollen face, Linda fell into his arms in an instant. “Patrick, I’m in pain.”

“Sorry for coming late.” Upon noticing the scratches all over Linda’s skin, Patrick could not help but glower at Freya. “Freya, look at how unruly you are right now. When I looked for you in Canberra previously, you got another man to incite me. Now, you came to my office to slap Linda. Do you think that I don’t have the nerve to do anything to you?”

“How I am is none of your business.” Freya gritted her teeth and stood up. “My biggest f*cking regret is having fallen in love with you. If I didn’t know you, you guys wouldn’t have targeted me in the hospital the other day.”

“I don’t know what you’re saying. Anyway, you must apologize to Linda right now, or I’ll call the police.” Her words infuriated Patrick.

“Apologize? Haha. I blame myself for not being b****l enough. I’m going to slap you every time I see you, Linda!” Freya lost control and roared.

Trembling with anger, Patrick took out his phone to call the police, but Linda immediately stopped him. “Don’t call the police. Freya’s probably just jealous—”

“There’s a limit to jealousy. Look, she’s not even showing remorse for her mistakes. Who knows if she’s going to slap you again?”

Patrick spoke bluntly while keeping an impassive face.

“President Jackson, you’re quite protective of your employee, huh?” Forrest, who was tall and sturdily built, suddenly walked over to him. His dark eyes were heavy with grimness. “You’d rather have your ex-girlfriend, whom you had been in a relationship with for four years, be sent to the detention center for the sake of this woman. No wonder Freya chose not to be with you.”

The employees around them began whispering to each other.

“No wonder Miss Lynch got mad. Could it be that President Jackson betrayed her and got together with Linda?”


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