Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 509

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“That’s possible. I see them together a lot.”

“Does this mean that Miss Lynch has been betrayed?”

Once Patrick heard those remarks, his handsome face began to express fury. “Get this clear, she was the one who rushed in and slapped Linda. I’ve long since broken up with her.”

“Do you know what prompted her to slap Linda, then?”

Upon hearing Forrest’s sharp question, Patrick was stunned. “No matter what reason it is, it’s just not right to slap someone.”

Freya gave a smile, which looked more hideous than her teary face.

She actually fell for such a man back then. Had she been blind?

Forrest tapped Freya on the shoulder pitifully. “It’s not right to slap someone, but as her ex-boyfriend, don’t you understand her character? Well, you probably couldn’t have been bothered to understand her. To you, even a strand of this woman’s hair matters more than Freya. Perhaps, in your eyes, Freya is altogether wicked.”

Patrick froze for a moment. “Forrest, we’re talking about the slapping incident. It’s not worth discussing what happened in the past either. We’ve long since broken up.”

“You’re right. I’m just… I’m just indignant because my sister wasted her youth on a man like you.”

Forrest’s cold eyes revealed indifference. “Well, since Freya slapped her, it surely means that she deserves being slapped. You can call the police to come to the Lynch family’s house and arrest Freya. Let’s see if you manage to get her arrested.”

With that, Forrest took Freya away and went downstairs.

“Forrest, you’re basically pampering her.” Stung by his words, Patrick felt that he had lost his dignity.

“Yeah, I am because she’s my beloved sister. I care about her, so why shouldn’t I pamper her?”

Forrest snorted and then left without looking back.

Freya, who was protected in Forrest’s arms, did not turn around and glance at Patrick again.

On the other hand, Patrick felt an intense pressure in his chest all of a sudden.

He recalled Freya saying that she regretted having ever loved him.

Did she just say it out of fury?

Why did he suddenly feel as though the woman was going to part with him for good?

“Ouch. It’s painful…”

Nestled in Patrick’s arms, Linda covered her face and moaned in pain. “It hurts badly, Patrick.”

“Let me send you to the hospital.”

Patrick supported her while walking.

“I can’t move. I think my legs are injured.” A bitter smile appeared on Linda’s face.

Patrick had no choice but to carry her and walked down the stairs.

“By the way, do you know why Freya lost control and slapped you, Linda?”

Now that Patrick had regained his composure, it hit him that Freya, though arrogant, would not usually attack someone for no reason no matter how angry she was. What was more, it had been half a year since they broke up. If she had meant to cause Linda trouble, she would have done it at the end of last year.

“How would I know? I last met her in the hospital as well. I haven’t met her since then.” Linda pouted in an aggrieved manner.

Patrick kept quiet.

From today onward, he would be filled with regret and nostalgia for Freya whenever he recalled what had happened today,

Unfortunately, nothing in the world could cure regrets.

At the car park.

Shortly after Freya got into the car, she spotted Patrick carrying Linda into his own car.

At that moment, she felt deeply dispirited.

At least she had not regretted loving him back then, although her love was one-sided.

Nevertheless, she now deeply regretted wasting her youth on such a man.

She could not figure out how she got blinded and fell for Patrick during her freshman year.

Why was she still unable to start a new relationship after half a year had passed?

Large teardrops trickled down her cheeks.

Forrest handed her a piece of tissue. “Don’t cry. It’s not worth crying over this kind of person. Family is always your backbone.”


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