Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 510

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“Brother.” Freya wept bitterly. “How silly of me! I can’t even handle little things like this and ended up putting my friends into trouble.”

“Don’t overthink it. You were merely playing a minor role. You’re not that powerful.”

Freya was at a loss for words.

Were those words a form of consolation or a blow to her?

“I’m serious,” Forrest added nonchalantly, “The other party is so formidable that he could even trick several wealthy families in Australia. Obviously, women like you are far from powerful.”

“What can I do, then?” Freya was incredibly upset.

“You can either go back to Melbourne and manage our family’s company or study abroad.” Forrest stared into her eyes. “When you become the top cosmetic chemist in the world, the Snow family won’t be able to continue blacklisting you by then. Moreover, Osher Corporation will beg you to work with them.”

As Freya was picturing the scene, a wave of emotions overwhelmed her. A moment later, however, she wore a long face. “No way. How can I possibly leave Cathy high and dry? What’s more, Charity is in jail. My conscience will bother me if I leave.”

“Considering how powerless you are, what’s the point of you staying here?”

Forrest’s words left her completely speechless.

In the manor.

The moment Catherine received a message from Freya, she went next door to look for Shaun.

She pushed the door open and entered the room, only to find a servant mopping the floor of the empty room. “Where’s Shaun?”

“Eldest Young Master Hill has moved to the main building beside this one. Don’t you know that, Young Madam?” the servant asked in perplexity.


Catherine shuddered, feeling cold. Previously, he tried his hardest to sleep beside her. Sometimes, he even sneaked into her room when he returned at night.

When did he stop behaving this way?

Was it after Shelley passed away?

Was it because he had issues with her?

She contributed to Shelley’s d***h and consequently ruined Shaun and Rodney’s relationship.

She gave a bitter laugh and admitted that she was contradicting herself.

When he kept pestering her, she found him annoying and asked him to get lost.

Now that he had left, she was unused to his absence.

Catherine walked to the building next door grumpily.

As soon as she reached the gate, she heard something being smashed inside.

She promptly dashed in and found Shaun sitting on the couch with a miserable expression. Hadley and Chester were pressing him on both sides. Chester was going to give him an injection on the head.

“What… What’s wrong with him?” At the sight of Shaun who was breaking out in a cold sweat and in pain, Catherine was at her wits’ end.

“His head hurts, so I’m giving him an injection to get rid of the pain,” Chester responded indifferently.

“Why are you here? Go back.” Shaun glared at her.

Catherine clenched her fists. Little did she expect that Shaun now had to rely on injections to deal with his headaches. Was his condition getting worse? Would he forget her and the baby?

At that moment, a surge of panic welled up inside her.

“I’m not going back.” Catherine went to him. Seeing his trembling palm, she hesitated for a moment before holding it.

Shaun’s eyelashes trembled. He lowered his head to gaze at her.

The woman, who was dressed in white ruffled pajamas, was squatting beside him. It had been a while since she was so gentle and lovable.

He held her hand back and closed his eyes.

20 minutes later, the injection was done.

Chester kept the needles one by one. “Take care and rest more. I’ve contacted Nyasia and she’ll come over next week. Only she can cure your illness.”


Shaun answered weakly.


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