Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 511

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 511

Chester threw a glance at Catherine and asked Shaun, “Are you attending Shelley’s funeral this Sunday?”

Shaun was at a loss for words.

“You’d better attend, or Rodney will keep finding fault with you.” With that, Chester rose to his feet. “I’m leaving now.”

“Hold on.” Catherine stood up. “I have something to show you guys.”

She clicked on Linda’s phone record and showed it to them. “This happened when Freya went to the hospital in Melbourne to get Shelley and Jeffrey’s DNA test report. A woman called Linda stumbled into Freya, and Rebecca knew her too. When Freya took the report, Linda received a call from Canberra—”

“What do you mean?” Chester interrupted her sentence with a sullen look.

“I mean Rebecca was possibly the one who called Linda. She suspected that I would use her hair to do a DNA test with Jeffery. She was aware that I had already begun suspecting that she’s not the real Shelley, so when Shaun went to catch her, she had already made a cunning getaway and brought the real Shelley back. If you don’t believe me, you can investigate the call from Canberra…”

“Didn’t I tell you not to bring this up anymore?”

Shaun let go of her hand, his grim eyes expressing frostiness.

Catherine gnashed her teeth. “But it’s dubious. As long as you guys check it—”

“Enough. Forget about it. You were the one who asked Shaun to investigate it so he locked Shelley up. Because of that, Shelley lost her life,” Chester interrupted her speech in a huff.

Chester had a good impression of Catherine before this. However, as she had contributed to Shelley’s d***h, Shaun, Chester, and Rodney were now on bad terms with each other. This had inevitably put Chester in a foul mood.

“If you ignore these questionable points, the m******r behind the scenes will be let loose. Charity is also a human being. If she was actually framed by someone, her life will be ruined just like that. After all, she’s your ex, Chester…”

“What I regret and feel disgusted the most is having been together with that evil woman,” Chester said bluntly, “She’s been evil since forever.”

Catherine felt as if had been submerged into a pool of cold water.

Why were these people so stubborn?

“You came to look for me just because of this matter, didn’t you?” Shaun glared at her furiously.

“Shaun, I beg you.” Catherine gave him an imploring look.

“Get out.” Shaun pointed outside.

“Investigating the phone record is just a small matter…”

“I don’t have time to fool around with you.” Shaun was provoked by her words when he pointed outside. His head started to hurt again.

“Catherine, you’re his wife. Be a proper human being! Don’t provoke him for the sake of those insignificant people.” Chester was exasperated. “Hadley, take her away.”

“Sorry, Young Madam.”

Hadley dragged her toward the gate.

By the time Catherine wanted to reenter the building, Hadley had already closed the gate.

She could not even see Shaun now.

When did Shaun and her relationship come to this point?

In the living room, Chester reminded Shaun, “You’d better not meet Catherine these days for your own good. The two of you always fail to see eye to eye and end up in conflict. Your condition worsens each time you meet her.”


Shaun rubbed his forehead.

She would probably be the one feeling more relaxed if she did not see him. After all, she did want to see him in the first place.



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