Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 512

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 512

In front of the funeral parlor.

A funeral was being held in a low-profile manner.

Dressed in black suits, Shaun and Chester came out of the car and walked into the parlor.

They did not notice that someone was watching them with a triumphant look in a black car a short distance away. It was Rebecca, who had managed to run away.

‘Hehe. Luckily, I secretly brought Shelley back in advance. You guys would never have thought that I’ve been impersonating Shelley, right?’

Rebecca grinned from ear to ear. ‘Shaun, Catherine, think about all the harm you guys have caused me. I’ll put you through h**l.’

“You did a great job,” the man in the passenger seat said nonchalantly, “Shelley is d**d, whereas Charity is in jail. Furthermore, Shaun, Catherine, and the Snow family are in conflict. Everything has turned out much better than what I imagined.”

Rebecca touched her face. “Having said that, this face can’t be used for the time being…”

“Go overseas for now. You’ll still be of some use.” The man snapped his fingers and asked the driver to start the car.

When Shaun reached the door, he suddenly turned around and caught sight of the black car leaving.

“What’s wrong?” Chester asked.

Shaun frowned. “It felt like someone was keeping an eye on us just now.”

“With your status, isn’t it normal for people to keep an eye on you?”

“…Let’s go.”

Shaun turned around.

As soon as he stepped into the parlor, he met Rodney who was paying his respects. Rodney looked away after he shot an icy glare at Shaun.

Chester went forward to pay his respects, while Shaun walked forward and lamented Shelley’s d***h in silence.

Mrs. Langley said bluntly, “Eldest Young Master Hill, hurry up and leave right after you pay respects to Shelley. Considering her status, this isn’t the place you should be visiting.”

Alex flew into a temper as well. When he was about to speak, he saw the figure of a woman walking in.

All the notes in his hands dropped to the ground, and his eyes widened. “Sa-Sarah… Sarah is back…”

“Stop talking nonsense. Sarah is d**d.” The moment Mrs. Langley turned around and looked in that direction, she was so shocked that she fell backward, landing on the ground.

Rodney, Chester, and Shaun were completely dumbfounded. They turned their heads around and looked in that direction at the same time.

They saw a young woman in a black slim-fit dress that highlighted her petite body. Her hair was tied in a solemn manner, while her pretty and bright face was dusted with some powder. Beneath one of her almond-shaped eyes was a tiny mole. With the white lights shining on her pure face, she looked as stunning as always.

The cigarette that Rodney was holding dropped to the floor.

Chester was round-eyed with astonishment.

Shaun, who was rooted to the spot, watched the familiar person slowly approach him.

“Sa-Sarah, are you a ghost? Are you on duty today to take Shelley away?” Rodney stammered with reddened eyes.

Sarah gave a faint smile while looking at him. “Rodney, you’re still as amusing as ever.”

Chester could not help but ask in agitation, “Sarah, aren’t you already d**d? Why are you…”

“Sorry, I deceived you guys. Actually, I’m still alive, but I… I couldn’t return for reasons I can’t say.” A look of dejection and helplessness crossed her pretty face.

“What stopped you from returning?” Rodney asked concernedly, “Do you know that everyone thought you were d**d? Over these years, we were heartbroken, especially Shaun. He almost broke down…”

Shaun continued to remain silent as he was struck dumb.

Sarah threw a glance at him with tears welling in her eyes. “Sorry, I had my reasons for not returning.”

“What could it be that you had to fake your d***h out there for years and couldn’t let us know?” Rodney asked angrily.


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