Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 513

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Sarah pursed her lips in agony without uttering a word.

“It’s fine, Rodney. Sarah must have her reasons,” Chester interjected.

Rodney glanced at Sarah grimly and eventually sighed.

“Why did you come back all of a sudden?” Shaun, who had been silent, suddenly spoke.

Sarah’s heart ached when her eyes settled on the familiar handsome face. She slowly turned her eyes to Shelley’s portrait behind him. “It’s because I didn’t expect Shelley’s d***h. Considering that she’s my beloved cousin, I should still pay my last respects to her.”

Everyone kept quiet.

Alex suddenly walked toward Sarah. He hugged her and burst into tears. “Sarah, why are you only back now? Shelley’s d***h was so tragic and unfair.”

“Uncle, how did Shelley d*e?” Sarah asked while choking back tears.

With that, Alex immediately glared at Shaun. “It was his wife and Charity’s doing.”

Sarah’s expression became a little stiff, and her face gradually paled. She blinked and shifted her gaze to Shaun. “Shaunic…”

Shaun averted his gaze. “It was Charity…”

“Shaun, stop taking Catherine’s side,” Rodney said furiously, “I’ve long since wanted to say that Catherine doesn’t deserve to be with you as she’s full of evil intentions. Now that Sarah is back, you might as well get back together with her.”

Shaun furrowed his brows. When he was about to reply, Sarah swiftly said, “Rodney, stop talking nonsense. Shaunic already has a wife. How could you persuade him into getting a divorce? What’s more, I can’t possibly be with Shaunic anymore…”

“Why not? He’s always been thinking about you. Is it because you don’t love—”

“Enough,” Shaun interrupted his sentence with a sulky look, “Rodney, I’m pleased that Sarah is back, but I’m already married.”

“Stop arguing. Sarah’s return is a joyous occasion. We should celebrate it tonight,” Chester said.

“Thank you. You guys can leave first. I want to spend some quiet time with my uncle and aunt.”

Sarah raised her head and spoke.

The three men walked out of the parlor.

Rodney felt a surge of happiness from the bottom of his heart. Only Shaun and Chester were frowning deeply. It was not clear what was on their minds.

“Never would I have expected that Sarah is still alive.” After a while, Chester sighed. “Unfortunately, she didn’t make it in time.”

“Thanks to this fickle-minded man. If you’d waited only half a year more, you would’ve ended up with Sarah again.” Rodney groaned.

Shaun lit his cigarette while ignoring Rodney.

8:30 p.m.

Sarah came late to the private room of the clubhouse. “I’m sorry for being late. After Shelley was cremated, my uncle and aunt wept uncontrollably.”

“It’s okay. We understand.” Chester raised his hand. “Take a seat.”

The three men were seated far away from each other on the long couch. Chester sat in the middle, whereas Shaun and Rodney sat on opposite ends.

After hesitating for a moment, Sarah sat next to Rodney.

“Sarah, now that the three of us are here, can you tell us why you couldn’t return before this?” Chester stared at her. “We’re your friends. We were most heartbroken when we learned that you were d**d. Don’t you think that you should give us an explanation?”


Sarah lowered her eyes. In a state of panic, she took a gulp of red wine that was on the table. Then, she forced a smile that was filled with agony and fear. “You guys are probably aware that I was kidnapped when I was with my friend in a forest park during the year I studied abroad.”

“Yeah. Shaun spent half a year searching for you there. Later, a rotten d**d body was found near a reservoir. It was a female, and we all thought it was you,” Rodney said miserably.


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