Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 515

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Charity walked out. The moment she took a good look at the woman, her eyes widened all of a sudden. “Sarah, you’re still alive?”

“Yeah, I’m alive. I’m back, Charity.” Sarah’s eyes playfully swept over her. “Anyway, I didn’t expect that you’d end up this way. Tsk, you smell bad.”

“Why are you back?” Charity stared at her with resentment. Whenever this woman was around, the people around Charity would always be targeted and hurt.

Charity had been under the impression that God had taken Sarah’s life away. Little did she expect that Sarah had returned.

“I’m here to get back everything that belongs to me,” Sarah curled her lips and said with delight, “Considering that your mom destroyed my family, what do you think I should do to torture her?”

“What are you planning to do?” Charity glowered at her. “Sarah, my mom has never mistreated you. She treated you better than me.”

“That’s because she was trying to flatter my dad. Otherwise, how did you manage to take over Neeson Corporation? You and your mom have been plotting and scheming. Haha, now that Dad is unconscious in the hospital after suffering a heart attack, Jennifer has no one to rely on. I’ll slowly pay her back for all the sufferings my mom has endured. I’ll make her life a living h**l.”

“Dad will divorce your mom. She behaves indecently and seduces other men out there…”

“Shut up!” Sarah suddenly interrupted her sentence in a ferocious manner, “How dare you talk back to me under such circumstances?”

“Sarah, if anything happens to my mom, I won’t let you off the hook even after I d*e.”

With blood-red eyes, Charity glared at her while gripping the steel bars in front of her.

“Haha, don’t worry. I can deal with you even after you d*e.”

Covering her mouth, Sarah laughed disdainfully. “By the way, I heard you’re on good terms with Shaun’s wife.”

A wave of frustration swept over Charity.

“Now that I’ve returned, it’s high time she got lost,” Sarah said insistently and curled her lips.

“Dream on. Shaun loves Catherine,” Charity said nonchalantly, “They’re already married. You can’t be compared to her.”

“Really? But Shaun has been spending time with me every day. He doesn’t even want to go back to his so-called wife. You should know that my relationship with Shaun is unrivaled.”

With that, Sarah slowly turned around. “Bye. We might not be able to meet again in the future. After all, you’re going to d*e here.”

“…” Charity’s eyes revealed a hint of bewilderment.

Upon noticing the look of disbelief on Charity’s face, she smiled and said, “You’re probably unaware that the attorney representing the Langley family this time is Mr. Shea. Chester Jewell pulled some strings with him and asked him to get you imprisoned forever.”

“Chester Jewell?”

Upon hearing the name, Charity felt as if her heart was burning. There was no one crueler than her first love.

“Considering that you’re going to d*e soon, I shall be kind and tell you something. Previously, Chester agreed to be in a relationship with you not because he was in love with you. He had a bet with me, and he had to be with you because he lost the bet. By the way, he said that the fact you slept with him when you were 17 was contemptible. He had never met a woman like you who had no self-respect.”

Sarah noticed that Charity’s pretty black eyes had become dull all of a sudden. While feeling proud, she walked away in high heels.

Charity’s body slowly slid down. She then squatted on the ground.

It took her a long while to pull herself up.

She hated how ignorant she was back then. Why did she fall for a man who seemed gentle on the outside but was, in fact, cruel to the core?

The only way she could protect herself was to stay indifferent and persevere.

Nevertheless, she had let go of everything and stripped herself n***d in front of Chester, only to receive the worst humiliation from him.

Large teardrops fell to the floor.

Chester Jewell, Sarah Langley, Rodney Snow, and Shaun Hill.


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