Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 517

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“Yup, not a lot of women like their coffee bitter.”

Shaun sat down on the couch opposite Sarah. He was suddenly reminded of the woman at home. Catherine, for one, had a sweet tooth. She always had her coffee with lots of sugar and cream.

Sarah noticed the way he was lost in thoughts. This man was sitting right in front of her but he was distracted. Evidently, he was thinking about another woman.

He would not have done this in the past.

Her heart sank, and before she closed the file, she smiled. “I’m 80% confident that I can treat your condition completely and prevent future relapses.”

A ray of light appeared in his eyes. He parted his lips to say something when Elle called him.

“Eldest Young Master Hill, Young Madam has left the manor to head to the court.”

His face fell instantly. “Didn’t I tell you that she’s not allowed to leave the manor for the time being?”

“I’m sorry, but Young Madam threatened the children’s lives…” she explained helplessly.

“Very well.” Enraged, he almost threw his phone away.

That woman was even using the children’s and her own life to threaten him now. Did she really care so little about the children? Were the twins less important to her than Charity?

He felt both angry and disappointed at the same time.

The man sprung to his feet. “Let’s do this another day. I need to be somewhere else now.”

“Sure, but it’s best not to put it off or the chances of recovery will become slim.” Sarah shoved her phone into her purse.

The two of them headed downstairs together. Melanie, who was walking out from the corridor nearby, spotted them and quickly scurried to the corner to take some photos.

“Melanie, why are you hiding here?” Charlie came over to place a hand over her waist.

“Look at this.” She showed him the photo. “It’s Sarah Neeson! She’s not d**d!”

He narrowed his eyes. “This is really Sarah, unlike that Shelley woman who only looks like her.”

“Tsk, what do you think the couple was doing, walking out of a hotel room together at 9:00 a.m.?” Melanie was delighted at the thought of Catherine. “How do you think Catherine will react to these photos?”

Charlie was startled. “I heard she’s staying in Hill Manor due to her pregnancy. I bet she’s going to lose the babies if she finds out her husband is messing around with his ex-girlfriend.”

“You’re right.”

She smiled internally. Catherine thought she won because she married Shaun, but it seemed like she was going to be abandoned soon.

Canberra Courthouse.

The trial was coming to an end by the time Catherine and Freya rushed to the scene.

Charity was standing at the defendant’s seat. It had been a while since they last met. The once elegant and beautiful woman was looking frail and exhausted, her hair dry and messy.

“I didn’t do it. I didn’t k**l anyone.” She denied strongly despite all the evidence pointing toward her. “I’ve been framed.”

Mr. Shea said flatly, “You don’t have to admit it but it remains a fact that you hired people to m****r Shelley Langley in a b****l fire. What’s more despicable is that you aren’t even remorseful of your actions!”

The judge frowned before declaring the final judgment, “The defendant Charity Neeson is found guilty of m****r. Due to her poor behavior and showing no signs of remorse, the defendant is sentenced to life imprisonment deprived of political rights effective immediately.”

“No, my daughter didn’t k**l anyone!” Jennifer sprung to her feet, her face covered in tears. The security tried to stop her from leaving the designated area.

Charity’s eyes welled up with tears. Although she had anticipated this to happen, she could not help feeling despondent when the moment finally came.

“Charity…” Catherine looked at her sorrowfully. “I’m sorry…”


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