Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 518

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Charity would not have been framed if Catherine had not carried out the DNA test.

“I didn’t expect you two to come.” The corners of Charity’s lips twitched. It was a fact that they had not known each other for a long time.

“We believe that you’re innocent.” Freya’s cheeks were already tear-streaked. “We’ll definitely appeal the case and look after your parents for you.”

“Thank you. But if it’s possible, please arrange for my parents to leave Canberra as soon as possible.” Before she could finish her sentence, the law enforcement personnel came over to drag her away.

She looked over her shoulders one last time. “Watch out for Sarah Neeson…”

Due to the distance and her hoarse voice, Catherine only saw her lips moving but could not actually hear what she said. “What is she saying? Is she asking me to watch out for something?”

“I think you’re right.” Freya imitated the way Charity moved her lips. “Watch out carer eaton…”

“…” Catherine was baffled.

She did not ponder over it too much because Jennifer Craven almost passed out from crying hysterically.

The two of them quickly supported the devastated woman. “Aunty Jennifer, don’t worry. There’s still hope as long as Charity is alive. We’ll get her out even if it takes a year, two years, or three years.”

“Thank you both.” Jennifer appreciated the help.

“But you and your husband should leave Canberra soon,” Catherine said in a concerned voice. “Charity suggested that you two should leave here immediately. I reckon she has figured out that something is wrong, so she thinks you two might be in danger.”

A baffled look washed over Jennifer’s face. “Boris and I didn’t offend anyone.”

“But I think Charity is serious about this, even rather worried I’d say,” Freya said, “The two of you can go to Melbourne. My family is doing pretty well over there. I can get my elder brother to watch over you.”

“Thank you, really.” Jennifer’s voice revealed genuine gratitude.

“You should leave now to pack up. Charity will be more at ease if you leave soon,” Catherine urged.

After Jennifer left, Freya let out a long sigh. “The Neeson family could be considered as one of wealthier households in Canberra in the past. I didn’t expect they would fall into this state in a couple of days.”

“Exactly,” Catherine echoed.

“Look at the poor state you’re in. How am I supposed to leave the country when you’re like this?”

“You’re leaving the country?” Catherine was evidently surprised.

“Yup. I’m being targeted by the Snow family at the moment, so my brother suggested that I should leave the country for a while.” She lowered her eyes to the ground sorrowfully. “These days, I’ve truly realized how powerless and weak I am. I can’t help you or Charity by staying here. I want to become stronger. One day, I want to reverse the verdict of her case.”

Catherine was startled. “You’re right. We’re too powerless.”

So powerless that she would not have been able to leave the manor today if she had not used the children’s lives as a threat.

She wanted to become more powerful, but right now, she did not even have personal freedom.

“Freya, you should go.” She shot an intense look at her friend. “I understand your hopes. I’ll work hard to become stronger too after I deliver the babies. We’re still friends even if we’re in different countries. When are you planning to leave?”

“I’ve not thought about it yet. Probably by next month at the latest.”

“Alright, let me know beforehand and I’ll throw you a farewell party.”

Catherine hugged her friend tightly. Freya was the only friend she could depend on in this city yet she was leaving soon. She would really be all alone when that day arrived.

Freya started crying once more.

At the same time, a black luxurious car pulled over by their side and Shaun stepped out of it in big strides. He looked intimidating, and instinctively, Freya shielded Catherine behind her.

“Move.” His eyes revealed a dangerous intent. “Freya Lynn, I’ve been tolerating you for a long time now.”


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