Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 52

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A feeling of frustration rocked through Catherine. She had been staying home preparing meals in the past few days.

“I’m just going out for dinner with a friend I met while studying abroad.”

Shaun laughed sarcastically. “Oh, so it’s a friend from university this time. Don’t forget how you were abducted to the hotel by your high school friend last time.”

“Whatever. Bye.” She hung up on him impatiently.

A hint of disappointment flashed across Joseph’s eyes upon seeing her angry face. “New boyfriend? Or husband?”

She widened her eyes in shock. “No way. It’s just my… Housemate.”

Although Shaun was her legal husband, the man refused to acknowledge that. Therefore, their relationship was purely just for show.

The corners of Joseph’s lips twitched into a faint smile. “It sounded like you were speaking with a partner.”

“Um… Really?”

Catherine felt her heart skipping a beat. This was how she normally interacted with Shaun. Perhaps it only sounded like that because they were living in the same house.

It had been a long time since she met Joseph. The two of them enjoyed the evening together and the dinner lasted until 9 p.m. He gave her a lift and dropped her off at Jadeite Bay.

“Remember to report to me tomorrow morning. I’ve accepted a villa case in the Green Mountain area. You’ll go over to take the measurements tomorrow.”


She waved him goodbye. Her eyes trailed the Porsche into the far distance before she turned around to head to the house.

Coincidentally, she discovered Shaun, dressed in casual loungewear, looking down on her coldly from the steps. Fudge was nestled in his arms, looking like she was about to fall asleep.

“Your friend is a man?”

The deep furrow between his brows could squeeze a fly to d***h.

He thought about how he had to endure the poorly-made store-bought food when she enjoyed the evening eating and laughing with another man. Anger surged through him like waves.

“Yup, he’s my senior from university…”

Shaun cut her short. “Catherine, let me remind you that you’ve chosen to marry me. You’d better watch your actions even if we’re only in a contract marriage. I don’t want to be betrayed.”

The smile on her face froze. “What are you talking about? I just went out to dinner with a friend. Do you think so poorly of me?”

“Who knows? I’ve only known you for a short time.” The corners of his lips curled into a sarcastic smirk. “Besides, you can’t simply go out for dinner. Don’t forget about your role as Fudge’s sitter. You’re responsible for her as you were the one who made her sick.”

“Fudge is alright now, isn’t she? I think she even gained a few pounds,” she replied through clenched teeth. She would certainly argue with him if he had not saved her life twice.

How silly of her to think that he only looked distant but was actually kind-hearted. This critical tone he spoke in had extinguished the little spark of interest she had for him.

Shaun scoffed. “Exactly, why has she gained weight? You should reflect on yourself. I want you to take care of the cat, not fatten her up.”


Catherine was at a loss for words.

Fudge’s growing appetite had become her fault as well.

She almost flew off the handle. “Fine, I’ll feed the cat less food from now on.”

“That won’t do.” What if the kittens inside her became malnourished?

“Well, what do you want, then? Sorry, but I’m not a professional cat breeder,” she said, irritated.

“Me neither. Research it and be more considerate of Fudge. Take her out on walks when you’re free. Don’t only feed her and then let her sleep all day.”

He walked toward the neighborhood park with Fudge in his arms.

Catherine pulled a face at his receding silhouette. She wanted to share the joy of finding a new job, but she could not be bothered to speak to him for another second more.

Upon returning home, she started heading to the bedroom to get a new change of clothes. A cold voice rang behind her back.

“I’m hungry.”

She looked over her shoulder to see the man sitting on the couch, looking like a hungry pet waiting to be fed.


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