Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 520

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After the doctor left, Shaun dragged a chair next to the bed, feeling exhausted.

When was the last time he had looked at Catherine so closely?

Recently, they would always end up in an argument every time they met.

He suddenly noticed she had lost some weight and looked frailer than before.

She should have put on weight during the pregnancy.

After a brief hesitation, Elle, who had been standing nearby, could not resist saying, “Eldest Young Master Hill, actually, I think you’ve been quite strict with Young Madam lately—”

He threw her a cold glance before she could finish her sentence.

“Um… I understand your reason for not wanting Young Madam to meet her friends to prevent her from overthinking. But she’s been bored and lonely staying in the manor all the time. You haven’t been coming home nor do you ask about her. She looks so pitiful standing by the window every day to look at the outside world…”


Shaun felt bad upon hearing that. People thought being his wife was pitiful?

“I didn’t answer her phone calls because she always wants to argue with me about Charity.”

“But Young Madam doesn’t know that. She would just assume that you’re bored of her,” Elle whispered.

He fell into a deep silence after hearing that.

About 20 minutes later, Catherine gradually opened her eyes.

The second she realized where she was, her hands flew to her stomach almost by instinct. Her babies…

“Don’t worry, the babies are safe.”

Shaun said softly while holding her hands.

Would he be so gentle with her?

A look of surprise spread across her face. For a split second, she thought she was still dreaming.

“Why are you staring at me?” He patted her head tenderly and brought her hands close to his lips. “Cathy, I admit I was at fault. Instead of spending more time with you and agreeing with you while you’re pregnant, I kept arguing with you. I didn’t mean to but too many things have happened lately. Give me some time. Shall we travel abroad when my condition improves? We haven’t traveled together before.”

After a brief silence, she could not help but say, “Are you going to treat me kindly for a few days before becoming worse again?”

He smiled bitterly. “Must we get into this situation because of Charity? Think about the children. Do you want them to grow up with parents?”

Tears welled up in her eyes.

She had grown up without parents, hence she definitely did not wish the same for her children.

“I’ve been ignoring you and your calls because I didn’t want to hurt you. My love for you has not changed.” He held her hand firmly before planting a kiss on the back of it. “I’ll try my best to finish work early and go back to the manor at night alright?”

“I don’t want to talk to you.”

She turned around to face her back against him.

In fact, she was torn on the inside. She could not accept his indifference yet she also could not forgive the fact that they had sent Charity to prison.


After Catherine was done with the infusion, Shaun personally dropped her off at the manor.

Old Madam Hill had no idea that she had fainted but was delighted to see the couple returning together. She ordered the kitchen helpers to cook more dishes.

That night, Old Master Hill suddenly asked, “How’s your mom performing at the company lately?”


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