Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 525

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That was the woman Shaun thought about even in his dreams.

Charity had warned her before that Sarah was not an innocent woman. Catherine would not be the latter’s opponent if she was still alive.

Oh right, Charity had also said to watch out for ‘carer eaton’ yesterday.

Carer eaton.

Sarah Neeson?

Catherine trembled.

She was in complete shock.

That was it. Charity was warning her to watch out for Sarah Neeson.

Therefore, she already knew that Sarah was still alive.

What else did she know?

Besides, Liam had also reminded Catherine last night.

Everyone knew about this apart from herself.

Would Shaun get back together with Sarah?

Her heart clenched as she touched her belly subconsciously.

No way! She did not care what he was like in the past, but he was the children’s father now. They needed a complete family.

Immediately, she grabbed her phone to call Shaun.

“Sorry, the number you’re calling is unavailable.”

What was he doing that he could not pick up her call?

Could it be possible that he was with Sarah?

She could not stop her mind from dwelling on that thought and she quickly called Hadley. “Why isn’t Shaun answering my calls?”

Hadley, who was working overtime in the office, was taken aback by surprise. “Eldest Young Master Hill… He’s going through psychological treatment right now. The doctor says he shouldn’t be disturbed.”

“Treatment? Do you mean Dr. Nyasia?”

“Yes, the doctor said it’s not good to drag on with the treatment. It’s crucial to start treating him as soon as possible.” Hadley was worried. He hoped Eldest Young Master Hill could recover quickly. It would be a disaster if Young Madam found out that Nyasia was actually Sarah Neeson who had passed away.

Catherine asked after a long silence, “Did he spend the night at New Metropolis Park?”


Catherine wished she could be waiting for him at the house in New Metropolis Park right now. However, she knew she would not be allowed to leave the villa at this hour.

She was overwhelmed with regret for agreeing to move into the Hill family’s manor in the beginning.

8:30 p.m.

Shaun walked into an empty bar that was playing a jazz tune. He noticed Sarah who was sitting by the bar at first glance.

She was wearing a long white dress tonight. She looked like a precious flower that only bloomed at night—pure yet mysterious.

“Didn’t you say we’re treating my illness tonight? Why are we meeting here?” He approached her and sat down next to her.

“Well, would you rather we go to a boring hospital or a suggestive hotel room instead?” She smiled.

He pursed his lips. Indeed, he did not want to meet at either of those places.

“This is the best place. It’s not too loud and also relaxing.”

Coincidentally, the bartender came over with two drinks. She pushed one to Shaun.

“We’re drinking as well?” He frowned.

“Are you planning to be treated in this tense mindset?” Sarah pointed at her heart and then her head. “What does a psychologist do? We treat these two places. Taking pills does nothing to a disease of the heart.”

Shaun took a sip of the alcohol in silence.


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