Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 526

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Sarah stared at Shaun’s profile. Although he was sitting in a dim area, his exquisite features remained attractive. She felt the need to win his heart. “Shaunny, can you do me a favor? Can you let go of Neeson Corporation?”

“You want to take it over, huh?”

“No. I’m busy enough with work so I don’t have the time to manage the company.” Sarah gave a bitter laugh. “My dad has relapsed while Charity is in jail. What my dad cares about most is his company. I’m afraid he won’t be able to hold on without his company.”

A trace of gentleness flashed across Shaun’s eyes. “You’re still the same. Anyway, don’t forget how he treated you when you were wandering out there over these years.”

“That’s another story. I’m just doing what I should as a daughter. At least I have a clear conscience.” Sarah sighed. “What’s more, my brother is unemployed despite the fact that he’s already an adult. I should assist him in turning over a new leaf so that he won’t behave like before.”

At the mention of Thomas, Shaun revealed a look of disgust. “It’s about time he changed.”

Sarah suddenly laughed at him. “I thought I’d need to put in some effort into persuading you. I didn’t expect that you’d readily agree to it.”

“I owe it to you,” Shaun said.

“No. You don’t owe me anything,” Sarah replied as she lowered her head and gazed at the wine on the table.

Half an hour later, the two of them walked upstairs together.

Wesley walked out from a dark corner. He smiled at the sight of the photo in his hand.

When he was working in the office that afternoon, he had suddenly received a mysterious message which told him to visit this bar.

“Cathy, it looks like you’re in danger.”

Wesley sent the photo to Catherine through WhatsApp. [I saw this when I was with my friend at Maison Bar last night. The two of them entered a private room upstairs. I heard you’re pregnant. You’d better keep an eye on Shaun. You can always come to me if you need help.]


The moment Catherine received the photo, her heart turned frosty. It felt as if a hole had been drilled into her heart.

Yesterday, Melanie caught them walking out of a hotel room. Today, they went to the bar together. They met so frequently that even her ‘old acquaintances’ kept coming across them.

What did he mean by going for treatment?

What did he mean by being occupied with work? These were all lies.

He purely wanted to keep Sarah company.

What about her and the babies in her belly?

Catherine erupted with rage as she could no longer endure it. She had to leave the manor and look for Shaun, but she supposed that no one would agree.

After giving it a thought, she found Liam’s phone number and called him.

“It’s rare that you’re calling me of your own accord,” Liam said in astonishment.

“Liam, please get me out of the manor. I have something urgent to attend to.” After some consideration, she realized that Liam was the only person in the Hill family whom she could ask for help.

Liam was torn. “It’s late at night now. What’s so important that you need to deal with? If my grandparents find out about it, they’ll surely scold me. Also, Shaun…”

“I’m not doing anything dangerous. I just need to deal with some urgent matters. I’ll be sure to take care of myself and my babies.” Catherine gnashed her teeth. “Liam, don’t forget that you used to hurt me by taking advantage of me. If you’re still guilty about it…”

“Fine, fine. You win. I’ll drive you out. Come down secretly. Don’t let anyone find out.”

Liam let out a sigh.

Ten minutes later, Catherine sneaked into his sports car.

The security guard realized that it was Liam’s car, so he did not block the car and let it drive out of the manor.

“Where are you going?” Liam glanced at her, only to find that she was still dressed in her pajamas. He wondered how urgent the matter was.

“Maison Bar.”

“Why are you heading to a bar at this hour?” Unease came over Liam. He was well aware that the Hill family was very concerned about the babies in Catherine’s belly.

“To check if Shaun is in bed with someone else.”


Liam slammed on the brakes.

Catherine added indifferently, “Are you already aware that Sarah is still alive and Shaun has been meeting up with her recently? You even reminded me that men are easily seduced by women when their wives are pregnant. You meant to ask me to keep an eye on Sarah, no?”