Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 527

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Liam rubbed his forehead. Sometimes, women were so sharp that it seemed as if they had antennae. “Actually, I only heard that Shaun, Rodney, and the gang are always dining out with Sarah recently. I’m not sure about the other stuff.”

“Instead of distancing himself from his ex, he approaches and hangs out with her instead. Doesn’t this mean he’s going to cheat on me sooner or later?” Catherine bit her lip, feeling a lump form in her throat. “I don’t want my children to grow up without a father.”

“Alright.” Liam continued to drive.

40 minutes later, the car was parked in front of Maison Bar.

Catherine pushed open the car door and got out.

“Wait for me.” Worried that something would happen to the babies in her belly, Liam quickly went after her.

Catherine walked up the stairs and pushed open the door of each private room. When she pushed the door of the fourth room, she spotted a man and a woman hugging on the couch. The tall and handsome man was Shaun. Meanwhile, Sarah was gently touching his head, which was leaning on her chest.

When the door was forcefully pushed open, both Shaun and Sarah were taken aback.

Catherine gaped at the scene while rooted to the spot. A surge of emotions overwhelmed her deep down.

She felt like vomiting. She really felt like vomiting.

This was the man she was deeply in love with, yet he was leaning on another woman’s body.

At this sight before her, she admitted that he had never gotten over Sarah. He could choose not to love Catherine, but he should at least take his children into account.

Exploding from anger, she quickened her pace toward them.

Sarah swiftly pushed Shaun away. “Are you Shaunic’s wife? It’s not what it looks like…”

Catherine took a glass of wine from the table and splashed it onto Sarah’s face.

“Ah!” Sarah yelled.

Shaun’s head was still hurting badly as he leaned on the couch. When he was undergoing the treatment just now, he was suddenly reminded of his miserable childhood memories. Amid his despair and helplessness, he was woken by a yell.

Once his vision became clear, he noticed that Sarah was drenched and in a sorry state while Catherine was furiously holding a wine glass.

“What are you doing?” Shaun leaped to his feet and glowered at Catherine.

Sarah promptly gripped his arm. “Don’t be angry, Shaunic. She didn’t mean to splash it on me. I think she misunderstood us.”

Catherine’s eyes settled on Sarah’s grip on Shaun’s arm. At the sight of the unpleasant scene, tears began to well in her eyes.

What a misunderstanding.

‘Shaunic’ was such an affectionate nickname.

“You’re Sarah, right?” Catherine stared at her indifferently, her eyes expressing fierceness. “I’d been under the impression that my husband’s first love was pure and kind. It turns out you’re no different from those women who fake sympathy and secretly scheme against other people.”

Sarah’s pretty face paled all of a sudden. “It really is a misunderstanding. I was just treating Shaun.”

“Treating?” Catherine gave a laugh. “Why don’t you say that you’re the only one capable of treating him by doing it with him?”

“Enough.” Shaun rose to his feet with a sulky look.

While having a headache, he kept hearing Catherine being so loud. His headache worsened and he flew into a temper. “Catherine, I asked you to take care of your pregnancy at home, yet you came here to attack Sarah verbally and physically at this hour. Are you done?”

An expression of disbelief crossed Catherine’s face.

He was the one who had behaved intimately with another woman behind her back.

However, he was not at all ashamed nor anxious. Instead, he was blaming her.


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