Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 528

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“So you’re blaming me for interrupting you and your ex?” Catherine teased Shaun in between her sobs.

“I said no, so it means no. Why do you always humiliate people before getting your facts straight? Apologize to Sarah right now,” Shaun ordered her grimly.


Catherine reacted as though she had just heard the funniest joke on earth.

“It’s fine, Shaunic,” Sarah promptly talked him out of it. “You’d better leave with Young Madam now. Ah-choo.”

Sarah sneezed and huddled herself up.

Shaun quickly took off his coat and put it on her.

Feelings of frustration engulfed Catherine all of a sudden.

When Shelley, who had a passing resemblance to Sarah, appeared previously, Catherine and Shaun had a blazing row and were on the verge of divorce.

Now that Sarah herself was present, would Catherine still have hopes of beating her?

Catherine’s eyes conveyed a sense of perplexity.

Should she not have come here tonight?

Standing at the door was Liam who had been stopping himself from meddling in the matter. However, when he looked at Catherine’s trembling and lonely figure, he could not tolerate the situation anymore. He said in spite of himself, “You’ve gone too far, Shaun. After all, she’s your wife. You’re already married, yet you’re behaving intimately with another woman in a private room at such a late hour. Have you ever considered Catherine’s feelings?”

“Who’s behaving intimately?” Shaun looked at Catherine in annoyance and said, “Was Liam the one who brought you here? Haven’t you learned your lesson from him? He’s just trying to tear us apart. Why do you always hang around with people with ulterior motives?”

“Who’s tearing you guys apart? You must be out of your mind.” Liam lost his temper.

“Fine. Let’s go.” Catherine dragged Liam away.

She was exhausted. She should not have come.

“Who allowed you to hold his hand?” Shaun strode toward Catherine and pulled her toward himself. “Liam, you’d better stay away from her.”

At the sight of the scene, Sarah’s expression froze. She secretly clenched her fists, and her gaze was heavy with jealousy.

“You want Liam to stay away from me, but are you staying away from Sarah?”

Catherine broke free from Shaun’s clutch and scoffed. “You can do such a thing, but you don’t allow other people to do the same, huh? Shaun, if you want to get back together with Sarah, you can just tell me straight away. I didn’t beg you to be with me. You claimed that you needed to work overtime and go for treatment, but it turns out that you’ve been lying to me. Do you know how disgusting you looked when you were leaning on her chest just now?”

Shaun was stunned, and his brows were furrowed. At this point, Sarah approached Catherine. “Shaunic, let me explain it to her.”

With that, Sarah handed her a business card. “Mrs. Hill, I’m Nyasia, the psychologist who’s in charge of treating Shaun’s illness. I was really treating him just now. I tried to have him recall his childhood memories to help him overcome his trauma, but he lost control. So I held him to calm him down, and that’s when you guys came in.”

Upon receiving the card, Catherine was dumbfounded.

Never would she have expected that Sarah was the so-called psychologist, Nyasia, whom Chester had described as brilliant and mysterious.

Clearly, this woman was not simple. If she were to treat Shaun’s illness every day, she might seduce him using devious tactics.

“Really, she was treating me just now. The reason why I didn’t tell you is that I was afraid you’d misunderstand us and overthink things like now,” Shaun said helplessly.

Catherine lifted her head nonchalantly and mocked, “Should I apologize to you guys, then?”

If Shaun had the nerve to make her apologize to Sarah, their relationship would definitely go sour.

Shaun was speechless.

Liam said in a teasing manner, “Why should she apologize? Sarah is your ex, and you’re actually alone with her in a private room. You just yelled at your pregnant wife the minute you saw her. It’s normal for a woman to be upset at your behavior, isn’t it?”